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Swoon Dessert Bar

We had some friends visiting recently and decided to take them to Swoon for the unique dessert tasting experience.

One change since our initial visit is that if you want to share a dessert flight, there is a $5 surcharge. However, that charge is waived if you order an a la carte dessert (which are around $7). This seems to be the best way to go, so Mr. K and I shared one dessert flight and one a la carte dessert.

Green Tea Latte

I’d been wanting to try the green tea latte since my last visit, so this time I finally ordered it. It was quite good, though the temperature was a little on the lukewarm side.

Amuse Bouche
Strawberry thyme sorbet, olive oil, chocolate crumble, dried strawberry chip

Cold, refreshing, and a pleasant way to start the dessert tasting.

First Course
Smoked Salmon Puff, Mascarpone, Capers, Dill

I’m not used to having a savory dessert but was definitely curious. While this was a tasty bite, it definitely felt more like an appetizer or an amuse bouche for a start of the meal rather than a dessert.

Second Course
Buttermilk Panna Cotta, Cara Cara, Lemon Verbena, Waffle Cone Bits

It always amazes me at the number of ingredients that go into each of these bites. With each course, the chef will explain all the components, which is twice as long as the description given on the menu. I can’t help thinking it’s a lot of effort for a small dessert. Not that I’m complaining.

This was my favorite of the dessert tasting courses that evening. The panna cotta was light and creamy and the fruity caviar were adorable. The cara cara oranges were so sweet and juicy that I went out and bought some at the grocery store the next day.

A La Carte
Carrot Cake, sweet pea gelato, cardamom, bacon dusting, carrot chips

How pretty is this display? I absolutely adored this carrot cake and especially the candied carrot sliver garnish. Unlike the traditional carrot cake, this was not cloyingly sweet, but rather much more subtle, allowing the carrot to shine through.

Lavender Ice Cream, dehydrated chocolate mousse

I love lavender ice cream and this was a nice way to end the tasting.

Overall, we had a good experience here. I love the dessert flight tasting aspect and the desserts are never heavy or overly sweet. Instead they are thoughtfully prepared and combine unique flavors and techniques that arouse the taste buds with new sensations and tastes.

Dessert flights are only offered Fridays and Saturdays along with a very limited a la carte menu. A regular a la carte menu is offered on other days. The menu changes every week and they always post the latest menu on Facebook so you can check it out before visiting.

You can read about my initial visit here.

Swoon Dessert Bar
3139 University Ave
San Diego, California 92104
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4 comments on “Swoon Dessert Bar”

  1. This looks like such a fun experience. Perfect for a date night!

  2. $5 surcharge?? That sounds so egregious! But I really want to try this place.

    I’ve never had cara cara oranges – where did you buy them?

    • I didn’t think the surcharge was too bad. It is meant to be a single dessert flight so I understand why they need to charge for sharing. I’m glad they still allow people to share because most tastings never allow people to share.
      You can get the oranges anywhere! Just look for them to say cara cara oranges. I’ve gotten them at trader joe’s, zion, hmart, ranch, etc. From the outside they look like normal oranges but the flesh is red and they are super sweet.

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