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Trader Joe’s December Edition

Trader Joe’s December Fearless Flyer came out recently and of course I had to make my way over to try out their newest featured items. Here is what I ended up getting:

Triple Ginger Brew

If you enjoy your ginger ale with an extra ginger kick, this is for you. I loved how much ginger flavor is packed in here. It really burns as you are swallowing! I love the packaging too. Despite the appearance, it’s not beer. It’s a non-alcoholic carbonated beverage with a lot of ginger added to it.

Macarons des Fetes

I enjoy the macarons at Trader Joe’s. They are cheaper than the ones sold at bakeries and have a decent flavor and texture. I especially like eating them straight out of the freezer. If you wait until they completely thaw, the shells are a bit too soft for my liking. For the holidays, they created a box with flavors like gingerbread and pear cinnamon.

Pita Bite Crackers

These crackers taste just like pita chips. I was surprised they were able to make them so thin. They look delicate, but they are just as firm and crisp as regular pita chips. I love the fantastic crunch and texture and find these even more fun to eat than regular pita chips. We didn’t wait for fancy toppings—we just snacked on these until they were gone.

Truffle Salami

I haven’t opened this one yet. It’s being saved for an upcoming dinner.

Cookie Butter Cheesecake

I was so excited when I read about this one in the circular. Trader Joe’s has come up with so many interesting cookie butter creations. I’m saving this one for when we have more people around. I don’t want the temptation of the two of us eating the entire thing.

Salted Caramel Gelato

I was excited to see this back in stock. They had it previously and then it disappeared for awhile. While I have not yet tried it, I’ve heard great things and I usually enjoy Trader Joe’s ice cream selection, so I’m looking forward to this one.

I managed to limit myself to these items on my visit. Did I miss anything I must return for? I’ve already been told to try the chocolate ganache pastry in the bakery section, but I didn’t see it at my Trader Joe’s.

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18 comments on “Trader Joe’s December Edition”

  1. So I went to TJ’s today, ostensibly to get their dijon mustard and orange marmalade. I also got the cookie butter cheesecake for Christmas dessert, but on my way out, I noticed a container of dark chocolate cookie butter cups. You must get some of these. They’re easily the most addictive things ever. 

    • Ooh, I’ve had the cookie butter cups! They are delish! I actually started making my own because I was spending too much money buying them. thanks for the rec though! I love hearing about other people’s favorites so I know what to get next time.

  2. Just came home from TJ with a box of the holiday macarons and the salted caramel ice cream, after reading your post! Thanks for the post ’cause i usually have no patience to read their photo-free flyers.

    • haha, I actually love reading the flyer. But yeah, it would be nice if it had photos! I’m glad my post was helpful. hope you enjoy!

  3. Better hurry!  I just left my local TJ’s and they were gone. Staff said they’re discontinued for the season! 🙁  Guy I asked said he even called other stores nearby and they’re all out!

    • yikes! thanks for letting me know! I was so tempted to buy a few when we first got it, but I hadn’t tasted it before and didn’t know if i’d like it. now I need to go asap!

  4. I saw something  called pyramid salt. Din’t get it though.

  5. That ginger brew gives Maine Root (my favorite for most gingery) a run for its money. I like that it’s sweetened with honey and pineapple juice. Last year I only got one bottle before they sold out at my local TJ’s. This year I need to stock up!

  6. Truffle Salami. I think I need that in my life.

  7. Every year, I get a box of their bark chocolate stars. One box is enough for the season.  They’re pretty great. 

  8. Hehe I’m glad that I’m not the only one who eats the macarons straight from the freezer! I’ve got to try that cookie butter cheesecake, too 🙂

    • Hehe, it started because I’m way too impatient to let them defrost, but then I realized they actually taste better that way! =)

  9. The Triple Ginger Brew is the best ginger ale I have ever had, hands down.  I think it knocked my cold right out of me!

    Th cheesecake is really, really good.  I may have to go back and get eight or nine more…

    • I am in love with the ginger brew. I’m planning on going back for more. And that cheesecake…I am so eager to try it but I don’t want to until we have other people over to help eat it. Will probably break it out for our Christmas eve dinner.