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Trader Joe’s December Edition

I love seeing all the holiday items that Trader Joe’s comes out with this time of year. Last week I stopped in to pick up some of my usual favorites along with some new items as well.
overhead photo of cookies from Trader Joe's

Belgian Cookie Collection
photo of a package of Belgian Cookie Collection
This is similar to the European Cookie Collection they had last year (and also similar to the one sold at Costco). It’s basically a variety of crunchy cookies covered in chocolate.
overhead photo of Belgian Cookie Collection

Danish Butter Cookies

photo of a tin of Danish Butter Cookies
I love eating Danish butter cookies and even though they are sold just about everywhere this time of year, there’s only a few brands I really like. This was my first time trying Trader Joe’s version.
photo of Danish Butter Cookies
I thought they were pretty good but they did have a flavor in there I couldn’t quite pinpoint that I didn’t like. My favorite Danish butter cookies are still the ones sold at Costco in December.

Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Assortment
photo of a package of Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Assortment
I first had Walkers shortbread during my flight to London a few years ago and now I buy them whenever I see them. I love the assortment offered in this box and I’ll be opening them soon.
photo of Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Assortment

A Taste of Vermont Maple Syrup Gift Set
photo of a package of A Taste of Vermont Maple Syrup Gift Set
I have to confess I bought these partially because of how cute the small syrup bottles are. And of course I’m also curious to do some syrup tasting. I’m waiting until the family comes over for Christmas brunch to open them.

Mini Mango Mochi
photo of a package of Mini Mango Mochi
This is a version of their ice cream mochi but in a smaller size and filled with mango sorbet. I did find the sorbet to be a little icy and the filling is not quite as intense as their regular mango mochi, but I still enjoyed them and I love how cute they are.
photo of Mini Mango Mochi

Sparkling Pressed Apple Juice
overhead photo of four cans of Sparkling Pressed Apple Juice
These mini cans come in a pack of six. I was excited by the small size but these are almost a little too small as I was able to easily finish one in a few gulps. I do like the concentrated pressed apple juice flavor though.

That’s all for now. As always, let me know if there’s anything you think I should try during my next visit!

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4 comments on “Trader Joe’s December Edition”

  1. Try the winter wake up teaand the pink pomelo grapefruit hand soap. The soap smells so good!

  2. Those mini maple syrups look so cute! I love TJ’s stroopwafels – so sad I wasn’t able to pick up a tin of them on my last visit! The guy told me they were sold out within a few days.

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