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Xurreria Banys Nous (Barcelona)

photo of the outside of Xurreria Banys Nous

Churros are everywhere in Barcelona, but when researching for my recent trip, nearly everything I read pointed me to Xurreria Banys Nous.

The tiny store has no seating, so it’s take your churros and go. They do put them in a paper cone so that you can leisurely walk and enjoy your churros. We tried three churro places during our visit and this place was definitely our favorite. It was so good that I made a point to eat them every morning during our stay.
photo of churros
The store sells a few other products but the churros definitely seem to be the star. Every time we went, all the other items were piled high and untouched and the churros platter was constantly in need of a refill.
photo of an employee making churros
The churros are sold by weight. 100 grams will cost a mere 1.20 euros and is enough to feed two. They ask if you want sugar sprinkled on and we always did get it, otherwise they aren’t very sweet on their own.

close-up photo of a churro dipped into a cup of chocolate

They also offer a churros and chocolate combination, but I don’t recommend it. From my understanding, they only started offering the chocolate because so many tourists requested it but it’s definitely not their specialty. We tried the chocolate once (2 euros), and we didn’t care for it. It pumped out a little gloppy and it didn’t have much flavor. We had much better chocolate elsewhere.

close-up photo of a chocolate dipped churro
The churros though, were delicious. Crunchy and firm, yielding to a soft interior. The Spanish-style churros I’ve had in the US have either been eggy or too hard. These were just the right balance of crunchy and soft. I need to figure out how to replicate this recipe. I’ve made churros once and it wasn’t too hard but they were eggy. So now I need to find a better recipe.

photo of churros wrapped in paper

overhead photo of churros wrapped in paper

If you’re planning on visiting Barcelona, I definitely recommend stopping by Xurreria Banys Nous at least once.

Xurreria Banys Nous
Carrer dels Banys Nous, 8, 08002 Barcelona, Spain


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  1. Hey Kirbie – I didn’t know you were in Barcelona too. That makes like 6 people who I know that were in BCN at around the same time.