A request was made for Japanese ramen, so we decided to visit Hinotez after reading posts by A Radiused Corner and mmm-yoso.

This small Japanese restaurant offers curry, ramen, sushi rolls, among other things. It’s actually owned by Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori.

Here’s a picture of the breakfast menu which I would like to come back and try.

We started out with some Takoyaki. These weren’t my favorite version of takoyaki but tasted like the ones from Yakyudori Ramen & Yakitori.

Since Hinotez recently started offering yakitori, we decided to order a few items.

Beef tongue and chicken gizzards

I thought the beef tongue was cut too thick and the meat was tough. The chicken gizzards were also too salty and the texture was a little off. Both selections were pretty disappointing.

Tonkotsu ramen

The broth was very creamy and wasn’t too salty. I enjoyed the soup though I wish it was served a little hotter. I was surprised to see a different kind of noodle used. Thinner, whiter, and straighter than the typical ramen noodles. The one thing I didn’t like in my soup was the egg which was a little sweet.

Here’s some of the other ramen bowls ordered by other people in my group.

Miso Ramen

Spicy Salt

Overall we thought the ramen was okay. I prefer Yakudori Ramen but the ramen here was still better than some of the other spots in San Diego. Service was friendly. The yakitori was very disappointing though. I am interested in coming back to try the breakfast items and the bento boxes.

7947 Balboa Ave
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 565-4244


6 Responses to “Hinotez”

  1. caninecologne — February 23, 2012 at 3:48 pm

    Turns out Hinotez was the old site of Honey’s Cafe.

    Love the look of the breakfast menu! So cute with the graphic of the children and the multicolored font! Looks a bit retro.

    • Kirbie replied: — February 24th, 2012 @ 12:31 am

      I love how the breakfast menu looks too with the graphic!

  2. Carol — February 23, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    I’m absolutely craving ramen now.

    • Kirbie replied: — February 24th, 2012 @ 12:32 am

      Me too!

  3. Dennis — February 23, 2012 at 9:41 pm

    Hi Kirbie, at least for now I enjoy Yakyudori’s ramen more as well. Too bad about the yakitori you’ve had. I may then wait a little longer to give those a try. I appreciate the breakfast here more for convenience. Having options is always a good thing.

    • Kirbie replied: — February 24th, 2012 @ 12:35 am

      I really want to try one of those bentos. And the breakfast. I can only do it on weekends; I’ll have to do it one of these weekends.

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