These hot chocolate cookies are made with cocoa mix and topped with a toasted marshmallow. They are warm, gooey and make a delicious holiday cookie.

As you can see, hot chocolate is still on my mind. So I made these delicious hot cocoa cookies. I love how they came out and they come together very easily.

We’re continuing to put up our Christmas decorations, bit by bit. Last year, I bought these solar snowflake light sticks that go along the walkway to our house. I was so excited to use them. But unfortunately, the lights are super weak. They barely shine and they are blue. So now we just have some faint blue lighting glowing from the front of our house that looks weird. I passed by several houses that have candy cane lights along their walkway. Next year, I want to do that instead!

Nomad Donuts recently opened in North Park.

They are currently in their soft opening phase but I’ve already heard some good things about the business and I love donuts, so I couldn’t wait to check them out.

There was a small line when we arrived, but we didn’t have to wait too long.

The donut flavors change daily and on the day we went, there was quite a unique selection, including a few savory ones.

I also like that the daily donuts are displayed on top of map books, fitting in with their theme.

Here is what we ended up choosing.

Peach Hibiscus, Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cake, Maple Cake, Red Wine Pear Blue Cheese Caramelized Onions.

This is a twist on traditional European-style, thick hot chocolate, adding the delicious Nutella flavor to the drink. It’s the perfect winter holiday drink.

I am in full holiday mode. We started putting up our tree this weekend. We didn’t actually finish, but at least it’s up and now we just need to finish the decorations. We also found a radio station that plays Christmas music all day, so we’ve been listening to festive holiday tunes all weekend long too.

One of the reasons we haven’t completed decorating the tree is because I forgot how strict Mr. K is with how it needs to be put up. It’s strange because as far as any other house decorating or related decisions, he couldn’t care less.