Poki One N Half opened this past weekend. It’s located in the shopping plaza that houses Mitsuwa marketplace and is two doors down from Nishiki Ramen. The restaurant specializes in build-your-own poke bowls and this location is one of three locations planned for San Diego. The “one n half” in the restaurant name signifies that they are giving you something a little extra in your experience (i.e., service, food, quality).

We’ve been watching the progress of the restaurant quite closely, as we are often in the plaza shopping at Mitsuwa. This past weekend, we were on our way to Mitsuwa and saw that they were finally open, so of course we had to go in! (What do you call random meals in the afternoon on a weekend anyway? Weekend linner?)

The ordering process is clearly laid out on the wall. It follows most of the other new poke bowls shops that have popped up in San Diego, where you pick a base, add-ons, fish, and toppings. You can choose a small, regular or large bowl, or a burrito. We didn’t see anyone get the burrito during our visit and it doesn’t seem to be something they specialize in, like over at Pokirrito.

What immediately appealed to me about this place is that there are no extra charges. Most places have an extra charge for brown rice, or for premium add-ons like imitation crab meat and avocado. But here, you don’t need to worry about that.

1. Are you playing the new Pokémon GO game? I usually don’t play phone, computer, or any type of video games, but I did download this free game on my phone having watched the cartoon when I was younger, and I have to admit, it’s consumed a large part of my weekend. On the bright side, I’ve gotten a lot more exercise by running around trying to catch the Pokémon. On the down side, it’s been time consuming and a few times I’ve been so engrossed in the game that I’ll just walk into the street without looking.

It is quite amusing seeing just how many people are playing it. Every time we’re near a hub and I glance up, and there are several other people holding their phones playing the game.

2. Here are a few photos from my garden. Our garden isn’t doing quite as well this year due to the watering restrictions in California, but I have a few new things growing. We’ve had a strawberry guava tree in our yard for a few years, but this is the first year it has blooms. I managed to capture the first bloom. It’s had several more since this photo.

A few months ago, my friends took me to Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and it’s now my favorite Korean BBQ spot. The popular Korean BBQ restaurant chain is owned by Kang Ho Dong, a South Korean celebrity and former wrestler and the chain has been well received by food critics and the public. In the US, it has locations in Los Angeles and New York.

When you sit down, there are already some basic complimentary banchan dishes placed at your table. These includes kimchi, pickled daikon, bean sprout salad, and more. I didn’t take photos of all of them, but there is quite a large variety and you can see the photos on their website.

One thing you’ll notice right away, is the moat that surrounds the grill in the middle of your table. This is possibly my favorite part of the experience. This area surrounding the grill is divided into compartments which they add different items to: raw egg batter, cheese corn, and vegetables. As your grill heats up and starts cooking the meat, it also cooks the food inside each of the cavities. The meat juices also drip down into these cavities, creating some deliciously flavorful cooked egg, melty cheese corn, etc.  Genius!