Pompompurin Cafe

One of the things Japan is known for is their character themed cafes, where the entire cafe is centered around a cute and popular character. Given my obsession with Hello Kitty and other Sanrio characters, I had to visit a few of the cafes on my trip.

Pompompurin is a golden retriever dog that is part of the Sanrio family. He wears a beret, loves eating pudding and has several good friends including a mouse, hamster and bird. He’s most often seen with the hamster, Muffin.

The exterior of the cafe looks very much like as if you were about to enter his house. Inside, you’ll find pictures on the walls, shelves of souvenirs, and several oversized Pompompurins to take photos with.

Iced Matcha green tea latte is easy to make at home. Today, I’m sharing with you two iced green tea latte recipes.

I really enjoy drinking matcha lattes, but I find most versions served in coffee shops and tea cafes to be far too sweet, so I prefer making my own version at home. With a homemade version, you can control the amount of milk, sugar, and tea.

This creamy, no-churn ice cream is just 2 ingredients! It’s so easy to make and the outcome is a fluffy, creamy, coconut flavored ice cream.

Last year, I discovered no churn ice creams (hello, cookies and cream ice cream). Since then, I’ve been hooked. I’ve pretty much retired my ice cream maker because this no-churn method is so much easier. I’m very excited to experiment with more flavors now that it’s officially ice cream weather.