The La Jolla location of Sprinkles Cupcakes now also offers their signature ice cream and cookies. Sprinkles Ice Cream was introduced a few years ago, with both standalone locations and ones incorporated into their cupcake bakeries. We visited the Beverly Hills standalone Sprinkles Ice Cream shop two years ago and I remember being impressed with the space and all the flavor options, though I didn’t enjoy the long wait.

The small San Diego store looks pretty much the same, except they now have waffle cones and ice cream toppings on display. Much like their cupcakes, they have a schedule of rotating ice cream flavors. You can get ice cream, ice cream cones, ice cream sundaes, ice cream cookie sandwiches and even ice cream cupcake top sandwiches.

Sprinkles Sandwich: Red velvet & chocolate cupcake tops and peanut butter cup ice cream

One of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas, Raku, recently opened a location in West Hollywood. I could barely contain my excitement when I found out and made a special road trip just to check it out.

Raku specializes in Japanese charcoal grilled foods and small plates. They also offer a nightly specials menu which usually consists of various fresh fish offerings.

Agedashi Tofu

Raku makes their own tofu, and as a result, their agedashi tofu is something quite special. The tofu itself is very delicate and light, due to its freshness.The tofu is deep fried before placed into a concentrated dashi broth, which is soaked in by the outer crispy skin, giving the tofu a wonderful flavor.

Juicy Deep Fried Asajime Chicken

The chicken dish lives up to its name. Crispy skin, juicy and flavorful chicken. I love the presentation as well.

Similar to peanut butter cups, these homemade candy cups are made with white chocolate and a cookies and cream filling.

With Halloween over, I should probably be taking a break from candy, but this is homemade candy so it doesn’t count right? We actually didn’t get nearly as many kids as we were anticipating so now we have all this leftover candy. So far I’ve been pretty good at not eating it all. But all this Halloween stuff renewed my obsession for peanut butter cups, which then led me to thinking of what other flavors I could make.