Several new poke shops have recently opened in San Diego, including Poke UTC.

You can make your own customized bowl or you can choose from one of their three quick bowl creations.

One of the highlights of my trip to Japan was a visit to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory, though most people refer to it as the Totoro Cream Puff Shop, as it specializes in the most adorable Totoro-shaped cream puffs.

The intimate shop and cafe are located in Tokyo, a little bit away from the main city. It’s in a more residential area, making it harder to find, especially if you are new to the Japanese address system. I plan on doing a more thorough guide/tips for travel in Tokyo later on, but to quickly summarize, the Japanese address system is quite different from the Western system. Many streets do not have names, which we soon learned the hard way our first day out exploring. Addresses refer to blocks and building numbers. To make it even more interesting, building numbers are not sequential, but rather are assigned based on when they are built. We found the best method was to pull up the address on google maps after we had reached the closest subway stop (most people rent pocket wi-fi devices when traveling in Japan so that you have internet on your phone at all times, even while underground in the subway), choose walking mode, then look at the path google had laid out. We’d then count the number of streets we’d see on the maps before each major turn and navigate based on that, looking for landmarks whenever possible to make sure we were on the right path.

These milk bread rolls are super fluffy with just a hint of sweetness and stay soft for several days without the use of preservatives. I decorated them to look like cute bears, inspired by my recent trip to Japan.

I had such a fun time in Japan. I miss it already. I’ll be sharing more photos soon of my trip once I get over this jet lag and catch-up with work. Japan is such a fun place to visit, even with the language barrier. The people are polite, the food is amazing, the nightlife is full of energy, and of course there was so much cuteness. From stores, to bakeries, to character cafes. I dragged my husband through all the cuteness. And brought quite a bit of it home with me as well.