breakfast-republic-10The very popular San Diego brunch spot, Breakfast Republic, recently opened a second location in Liberty Station. I was quite excited to hear the news. I’ve enjoyed my visits to the original location but always dread the long wait. The new space is a little bigger, with a nice patio, and the wait times aren’t quite as bad. Even if there is a wait, you can easily pass the time shopping at Liberty Public Market.

This new location offers the full menu of the original location, along with craft cocktails and an after hours menu between 3pm and 8pm.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
I have to confess, I’m not quite ready for pumpkin season yet, but this was one of this month’s special drinks and I love trying out their monthly specials. I really enjoyed it, finding the balance of spices to be just right.

Oreo Latte

flourless-peanut-butter-sandwich-bread-13aThis flourless, gluten free, one bowl, peanut butter bread recipe is perfect for making sandwiches, toast, etc. The batter comes together in minutes, for an easy-stress free bread making experience.
We just came back from a quick getaway in New York. We spent most of the time eating our way through the city and our diet was basically all carbs and meat. I shared a few highlights on Instagram and I’ll share more photos later too. Now that it’s back to reality, I’m trying my best to get vegetables, fruit and other healthier foods back into our diet.

bing-haus-8Bing Haus opened last week, offering coffee and Thai-style ice cream rolls.

This trendy dessert is originally from Thailand and offered in many parts of Asia. It recently was introduced to the US market, first in New York and now spreading to other cities. The ice cream starts with a milk base, with flavors and other ingredients mixed in. The ice cream is made on a chilled grill and spread out to a thin layer until it freezes. The ice cream is then formed into rolls.

Here is a quick video of them making it: