We recently met up with a friend at Sushi Lounge Encinitas. The casual sushi restaurant has a fairly large selection of appetizers, rolls, and fresh sashimi to choose from.

Crispy Rice

We started our meal with a couple of appetizers. Blocks of sushi rice were pan seared until crisp and topped with spicy albacore, avocado and a yuzu jalapeño truffle vinaigrette. I thought the crispy rice was well executed, cooked until completely crispy on all sides, but maintaining some softness on the inside. I order crispy rice sushi often and it’s frequently cooked too long to the point that the exterior becomes almost impossibly hard to bite into. But that wasn’t the case here.

Hamachi Kama

I usually love grilled yellowtail collar, but I found this version quite underseasoned. Even squeezing the fresh lemon on it didn’t seem to help.


If you’re looking for a nice restaurant to dine at during restaurant week, I highly recommend Stake Chophouse. Located in Coronado, this sleek and modern steakhouse provided us with a very memorable meal to start off our week.

San Diego Restaurant Week is here once again (January 17-24). We love using San Diego Restaurant Week as an opportunity to try out new places that have been on our to-do list. We especially look forward to the January edition because it always coincides with the date Mr. K and I first got together, which gives us an excuse to have a few nice meals to celebrate our anniversary.

We were very fortunate to be invited in for a preview of Stake’s restaurant week offerings. While doing my thorough restaurant week menu research, Stake had actually been one of my top choices. While most of Coronado has an old city charm, Stake has a much more modern atmosphere. I immediately fell in love with the sleek interior and fire pit lounge area.

For restaurant week, they offer a three course meal for $50. There are seven appetizers, six main courses, and three desserts to choose from. There are also several optional add-ons and supplements.

Dip and Sip

Our meal started with a little amuse bouche of Japanese A5 Wagyu paired with a small cup of hot dashi broth. The thinly sliced wagyu sashimi is to be dipped into the broth, warming it up slightly before eating it. I couldn’t help but admire the beautiful color and marbling. The wagyu nearly melted in my mouth, rich with flavor and a smooth finish.

Crunchy baked breaded cauliflower pieces are coated with honey garlic sauce. It’s an easy and delicious weeknight meal.

I can’t get enough of this honey garlic sauce. It’s savory, spicy, and sweet, all at the same time. And crunchy bites of cauliflower are the perfect vehicle for soaking up the thick sauce.