Inside out dango mochi on a stick

I'm always browsing Nijiya's mochi section to try out different types of mochi.  My previous posts on Nijiya and their mochi can be found here and here. One of the mochi variations that I enjoy are these an dango.  Dango is made of mochiko rice flour and is a mochi variation. They are often served on skewers, with three to four on a stick.  They can be grilled, topped with sauce, etc.  I call these ones inside out dango.  I don't know the proper name and looking at the packaging didn't really help because the translation was simply variety of bean flavored dango.  The package comes with four different flavored dango.


The reason why I call them inside out dango mochi is because the bean filling is actually coating the outside, and the inside is just the mochiko flour ball. It's an interesting twist.  I love the beautiful colors this comes in.  The dark brown/red is red bean flavored.  The green is green tea flavored.  I'm not quite sure what the yellow and pink flavors are.  They seem to be some sort of bean taste. My favorite is probably the yellow one.  Slightly less sweet, with a little bit of a chestnut flavor.

The dango mochi can be found at:

Nijiya Market
3860 Convoy St Ste 121
San Diego, CA 92111

2 comments on “Inside out dango mochi on a stick”

  1. I am no mochi expert but the yellow one may be mung bean.

  2. Hi Paula- That would be my guess too. The ingredients list doesn’t list mung bean, but then I don’t usually trust these ingredient labels.

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