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So lately I've been a bit obsessed with cupcakes.  For a while now, I've seen a lot of buzz for Babycakes on yelp.  Since I was in the area eating brunch this weekend at Tractor Room, I was able to finally check out Babycakes.

I was immediately charmed by the location.  It's like a house, very cutely decorated.  I love the logo with it's sparkles and colors.  And the name!  So cute and clever!  The inside was just as cute.  I asked Boyfriend to take some pictures of the decor while I became immersed with my cupcake options, but unfortunately he was distracted as well, and didn't snap many pictures.

In addition to many cupcakes, they also have giant cookies and some other desserts.  When I walked in, the owner was super friendly and funny.  He talked to us the whole time, cracking jokes, and throwing in tons of compliments.  It made the visit very pleasant.  The cupcakes here are a pretty big size and are priced at $3.

I decided to try out four of them.

I was a little bit wary about the cupcakes.  A lot of the cupcake places I have visited have cupcakes that are too dry and not impressive.

The first one I tried was the pomegranate cupcake.
The cupcake was extremely moist.  It didn't really taste like pomegranate, but it did seem to have some sort of fruity-sweet taste.  In the middle was a flavored whipped cream, which I think, helps keep the inside of the cupcake extremely moist.  Not my favorite cupcake, but I was impressed with how moist it was.

Next up was the red velvet cupcake:

This cupcake was not nearly as moist as the pomegranate one.  It was the least moist out of the four.  However, it wasn't dry either.  It had a chocolate cocoa flavor that isn't present in all red velvet cakes, but I liked the flavor.  Pretty delicious.

Next, a peach mango cupcake.

Very moist, like the pomegranate.  A very sublte mango flavor to it.  This one also had a mango/peach flavored whipped cream in the middle, making the cupcake super moist. 

Finally, the pistachio.  I love pistachio flavored foods.  The owner said this one was his favorite.

This cupcake has bits of pistachio inside.  Very moist and very yummy.  The pistachio flavor was much more present compared to the fruit flavored ones.  Definitely my favorite of the four.

All in all a great experience.  I love the layout, the service and the adorable delicious cupcakes.  The cupcakes are a good size for $3.  My ranking of the cupcakes are as follows: 1) pistachio 2) red velvet 3) mango 4) pomegranate.  I can't wait to go back for more!

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  1. I’m totally going to get the pistachio when I pay Babycakes a visit!

  2. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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