Opera Cafe & Patisserie

Opera Cafe & Patisserie
9254 Scranton Rd
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 458-9050



Opera Cafe & Patisserie has been on my radar for a while now.  I was never able to visit because they were only open until 2:30 Monday-Friday and closed on weekends. Somehow I stumbled upon their website a few days ago, and learned that they have extended their hours! They are now open on Friday for dinner and open on Saturday until 2. 

So Boyfriend and I stopped in for a quick lunch this past Saturday and also got a bunch of their beautiful desserts to go.

I wasn't that hungry.  All I really wanted to try were their truffle fries, which I heard are really good.  While I was at the cash register, I also spotted a scone, and I couldn't resist, so I got that as well.

Here is the raspberry walnut scone.

The scone was pretty big. Unfortunately, I didn't like how it tasted.  I like my scones to be soft and moist.  This scone as crispy and hard.  More like a cookie or a biscotti. 

My truffle fries soon arrived. 

For only $3.50, they gave a lot of fries.  The box was overflowing and the box was pretty big.  The fries come conveniently in a take-out box.  The fries smelled great.  I could smell the truffle oil.  There was also some cheese sprinkled on top.  The fries were nice and crispy.  While not the best truffle fries I've had, they were pretty good.  I asked Boyfriend what he thought. He said they were just "okay" but he kept eating them while I was trying to snap a picture!

Boyfriend got a steak and brie sandwich. 

I was surprised that it was an open faced sandwich with no piece of bread to go on top.  We had to eat it like a pizza.  The steak was tender and cooked just right, with the meat still pink inside.  However, below the layer of steak were caramelized onions.  Both Boyfriend and I found the onions to be too sweet and didn't really care for the sweet taste in the sandwich.  Other than that, the sandwich was pretty good.

The Opera Cafe is located in a strip mall next to a lot of office buildings in Mira Mesa, and apparently is a very popular lunch destination on workdays.  In addtion to serving breakfast and lunch, they also have a display of gorgeous French pastries.  I got a bunch of them to go. 

I got a box of french macaroons.  A box contains 10, with 2 of each flavor. The flavors are raspberry, cappuccino, chocolate, pistachio and vanilla.

The macaroons were a bit too crispy and flaky and not chewy enough for me.  But they are a lot cheaper than other bakeries I've been to selling french macaroons.  And I like that there are so many flavors.

I also got an assorted seasonal mini platter.

I really enjoyed this because it allowed me to try bite-sized versions of a lot of their fruit-type desserts.  They were all pretty tasty.

I'll save the other desserts I tried for another post.

10 comments on “Opera Cafe & Patisserie”

  1. Too bad about the scone because it LOOKS really good. Maybe something like a big cup of cocoa alongside it would help to make it go down a little easier. 😉

  2. i’ve never been crazy about scones.. but the truffle fries look good.

  3. They were pretty good, but there were so many of them! It got to the point where I no longer wanted any, but I couldn’t stop eating them because there was this big pile in front of me. Haha.

  4. It does look really good…and with all their other yummy desserts I thought it would taste better. Oh well.

  5. I go to the Rubio’s a few doors down about once a week for lunch. Everytime I go, I always look at Opera and wonder how the food it. Maybe I’ll stop by one time and at least have the fries. 🙂

  6. I thought the food was pretty good. Even though the sandwich was a little too sweet for my taste, it was still made well. I would definitely go back to check out more sandwiches, fries, and of course their desserts! So many beautiful desserts. And the cheapest price I’ve seen for French macaroons. They sell them by the box, with six different flavors. A box of 12 is $9.95.

  7. Happy hour is pretty cool there with four of the apps being half off and the truffle fries as well. You can definitely get fed for pretty cheap. Only until 6pm on Fridays. I forget when it starts but it’s probably 4pm.

  8. The steak and brie sandwich reminds me of a pizza we had in Normandy, we ordered a plain three cheese pizza, and one of the cheeses on it was brie! We were surprised, to say the least, it smelled fantastic, and tasted quite good once we got used to it!

  9. Interesting! I didn’t even know they had happy hour. Unfortunately, I don’t work near Opera, so I wouldn’t be able to make it for happy hour.

  10. Brie really is quite yummy and I guess this was like a pizza since it was open-faced and we had to basically eat it like a pizza.

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