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Opera Cafe & Patisserie Part 2- Desserts

As I indicated in my previous Opera Cafe & Patisserie post, I would cover the desserts I ordered to go in another post.

Opera Cafe & Patisserie
9254 Scranton Rd
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 458-9050

One of the desserts I chose was a pear tea cake.  I’ve been wanting to eat tea cakes lately after seeing some beautiful tea cake images.

The tea cake was light, not too sweet, with a nice layer of pear inside.  It tasted pretty good, but also did not really stand out for me.

Chocolate Bomb:

This is a chocolate mousse.  Boyfriend loved this one. I thought he would since he loves chocolate mousse so much.  I liked that it had a crispy bottom.  The crispy texture counterbalanced the mousse very well.

Coconut passion mango mousse:

This beautiful dessert was my favorite dessert I sampled from Opera.  Layers of mousse and cake.  The mousse had wonderful mango and coconut flavors and the cake was light and moist.  On top, it was decorated with a piece of chocolate and these two foil dots.  The dots ended up being crunchy balls, kind of like the rice crunchies you find in Crunch bars.  A yummy surprise!

Chocolate mini sampler:

I love how pretty and cute this sampler is!  Prior to visiting Opera, I had browsed their website where I learned they were now selling all kinds of “mini” desserts.  When I got to Opera, I didn’t see any minis are display.  When I inquired into it, I was told that they had chocolate minis and also their seasonal minis in the back and I could order some.  These are small bite sized versions of the desserts they offer.  A set of minis was $4.95.  I thought this was a good deal.  It lets you try smaller versions of their dessert, and the minis are not too small.  Each one took me a few bites to finish.

The mini set included a Flourless Cake, Hazelnut Chocolate Tartlet, Opera Cake, Brownie, and Coffee Chocolate Ganache Dome

Unfortunately, I didn’t particularly care for the taste of most of the minis.  I thought the tastes were missing the complexity you usually find in French desserts. The only one I really enjoyed was the opera cake (far right), which was very light and moist.

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7 comments on “Opera Cafe & Patisserie Part 2- Desserts”

  1. I finally went here today and liked it (lunch + dessert). Those set of 5 minis is now $7 (up from $4.95).

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  3. You should come pay San Diego a visit! It’s a beautiful city. Though I think NY probably has much more to offer in terms of culinary treats.

  4. i have to get to san diego!

  5. It tasted heavenly too! Can you believe it was only $2.50? I need to go back for more.

  6. Ooooo, that Coconut passion mango mousse looks heavenly!