Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot lunch

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot & Grill
4718 Clairemont Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92117
(858) 274-2040

Last Monday, Boyfriend and I both had the day off and decided to take advantage of a weekday lunch special at a restaurant that we normally can't try out.  We chose Little Sheep, which offers a weekday lunch special for $9.95.

You can view my previous review of Little Sheep here.  Little Sheep offers Mongolian style hot pot.  The broth is made with lots of healthy herbs.  You order plates of uncooked food that you want to cook in your hot pot.  There are also some precooked dishes you can order as well such as pancakes, skewers, dumplings.

During weekday lunches, for $9.95, you get your choice of meat and a platter of various hot pot items.  There's quite a few things I like in my hot pot.  Since Little Sheep requires you to individually order each ingredient, it can be quite pricey to get all the different variety you want in your hot pot.  So $9.95 is a really great deal because you get a lot of variety without having to order each of the raw ingredients. 

The lunch portion is also quite generous.  Boyfriend and I both chose lamb as our meat choice.  Our plates also came with slices of potato, daikon, golden mushrooms, bok choy, bowtie seaweed, fishballs, frozen tofu. It also came with a large amount of their handmade noodles, which I love, but are also really filling.  The amount of food given in the lunch special was quite enough to satisfy Boyfriend and I, and we had leftovers to bring home.  We didn't need to order extra sides, but I did order some pork intestines since they were none in the platter. 

We also ordered the lamb dumplings because I've been wanting to try them.  The dumplings were on the small side.  The filling had a very strong lamb flavor.  The skin had a chewiness to it.  Boyfriend and I both liked the dumplings, but we didn't love them.

The lunch special is definitely a lot less than we usually spend at Little Sheep.  They do still charge each person for the soup base in addition to the $9.95.  It always annoys me that they charge per person for the soup base since you're given the same amount of soup no matter how many people are in your group.

While we were there, we also noticed that they now have a late night special. 

I thought I took a picture of the whole sign but I guess not.  I believe it's 10pm-12am on Fridays and Saturdays (maybe Sunday too?).  Not too much of a discount, but I guess it's something to keep in mind if you are eating around that time.

Here's a pic I took of the menu on my previous trip:

6 comments on “Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot lunch”

  1. OMG – you seriously read my mind Kirbie! I’ve wanted to try out their lunch special for SOOO long and have been trying to convince my sis to come with. So this post really helps! This seems like good deal. I went to Shabu Shabu House awhile back and had their lunch special and it was tiny.
    What is the charge for soup base? WHO does that?!
    I went here few yrs back for dinner and wasn’t impressed. But I think it’s worth another shot especially for lunch w/ the great deal.
    Have you tried to beef crepe appetizer? I’ll have to ck your other post. That was the only think I liked there at the time.
    Nice post! Thanks 🙂

  2. Hey Kirbie – The lunch is a bargain for what you get…. I’ve got a post upcoming as well.

  3. It’s $3.75 per person for soup base. grr.
    Beef crepe appetizer? Are you talking about the meat pie? I’ve had the meat pie and like that one.
    I really like the lamb here. Have you ordered the supreme lamb plate?

  4. Hi Kirk- I wish they had lunch special on the weekends too. I can’t wait to see your post!

  5. FYI: They charge the $3.75 for the soup base at lunch… but the lunch platter is charged at $6.30, so your grand total is still $9.95… not $9.95 + $3.75. I know because I go there so often that the staff all knows me now.
    All you can eat Tuesdays starts today! $20 all you can eat within 1.5 hours. 3 items per person the first round. Finish it up and it’s 2 items per person per round thereafter. You can bet I’ll be there. =)

  6. Thanks for the info Tina! I totally got overcharged last time then because I got charged the 9.95 + 3.75 soup base. Boo. Thanks for the tip on the all you can eat starting up again. I’ve always wanted to try it, but it’s kind of hard for me to do on a Tuesday night. I wish they had it offered another night. I didn’t know how exactly the all you can eat worked, so thanks for explaining. I’ll have to try to make it soon.

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