Sushi Go 55

Sushi Go 55
333 S. Alameda Street, Suite 317
Los Angeles, CA.
(213) 687-0777

I learned about Sushi Go 55 from Kirk of mmm-yoso.  Seeing the pictures of his post pushed Sushi Go 55 to the top of my queue, so on my last roadtrip, Boyfriend and I stopped there for dinner.  I was happy to find out it was located in the same shopping plaza where I had eaten piping hot taiyaki and takoyaki. 


Unfortunately, the stand was not there the night we went.

We had made a reservation since this is a small place.  The restaurant sign isn't very visible.  As we road up the elevator, Boyfriend kept pointing to large signs "this one? this one?" he kept asking.  Inside, Sushi Go has a big sushi bar, and some small tables.  We had made reservations at a table because we already knew what we wanted to eat and didn't want to be tempted by the fish at the sushi bar.

Kirk had taken a picture of the Chirashi lunch special on his last visit, which is what got me so excited about this place.  The two layer Chirashi set looked so neat. And usually Boyfriend is the one who orders the Chirashi bowls, but with this one containing tako, tamago and other goodies I enjoy, I wanted the chirashi set.

There are two chirashi sets for dinner.  Since I love uni, I had to get the chirashi matsu. Boyfriend opted to try the sashimi matsu dinner.

We ordered green tea.  The tea was served in these interesting looking glass cups and had a very strong green color. 

We were then presented a variety of small dishes and miso soup.  There was pickled carrots, pickled cabbage, eggplant. 

Finally, my chirashi set!

The two layer box set was such a neat presentation.  The top box is full of the sashimi and the bottom one is full of rice, shredded omelet and masago.

I liked everything in my chirashi set, except the uni.  The uni was not as fresh.  Some of it was a bit bitter.  So sad.  I did like the tako though. It wasn't too chewy.  It was crunchy, with just a slight chew.

Boyfriend's sashimi dinner looked good too. 

He really loved the halibut and yellowtail. I liked it too.  It practically melted in my mouth.  After tasting those two, it was hard to eat the tuna and salmon.

The service was pretty good, and the quantity and quality of food was good for the price.  I just wish my uni had tasted better.

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  1. Wow Kirbie – You made it there pretty quickly. The prices are pretty reasonable, and the quality decent. Something that’s missing in San Diego…. though most Itamae here think folks only want to eat Gaijin Sushi. If you like good prices, Sushi Gen has a great sashimi special…. though in my old age, I just don’t like crowds and being rushed. Sushi Komasa is another good bet.

  2. Sushi Gen and Sushi Komasa are on my list! Though I don’t like crowds either..but I saw your post on it and I know Boyfriend will love the sashimi special. I do wish we had more places like this in SD…

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  4. I realize this is an old post and I’m not sure if you’ve written up another review of Sushi Go, but I used to always order a futomaki to go. Sushi Go’s futomaki isn’t your typical futomaki– chocked full of goodies like gobo, spinach, egg– it’s HUGE. It is pricey though.
    We now go to Sushi Gen for lunch– the line can be crazy!– but if you sit at the sushi bar, the line/wait isn’t so bad. I mix it up with sashimi and sushi.

    • I did go back a few times after this post, but didn’t have a chance to write about those visits. thanks for the tips on what to order next time! I really like the lunch special at Sushi Gen

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