Dessert at Cafe Zuchero

Cafe Zucherro

1731 India St
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 531-1731

When my cousin that I hadn't seen for 10 years was visiting a few weeks ago, she told me she loved desserts and enjoyed baking. I had no idea we had so much in common. I thought I would take her to some of the great dessert places in San Diego. 


Then she told me that her favorite dessert was tiramisu. While I enjoy tiramisu, it's never been a dessert that I'm craving and so I've never really bothered to try tiramisu at the many dessert places I've been to. The only one I knew that had pretty good tiramisu was Cafe Zuchero.

For those who have not been to Cafe Zuchero, it's a small Italian restaurant, located in Little Italy. They have a nice bakery section in the restaurant, where they have fresh gelato, and various other Italian desserts.  You can dine in the restaurant, or you can just stop in for dessert and they have plenty some seating outside and inside.

You can read my previous visits to Cafe Zuchero here.

On this particular night, this is a sample of what was being offered:

That night we got a pistachio gelato, a three layer chocolate mousse, a giant chocolate covered strawberry, an opera cake, a creme brulee, and of course, the tiramisu. The only one I didn't like much was the opera cake which I thought was dry. I thought the tiramisu was  pretty good. Light and not too rich. Everything tasted pretty good.  My cousin really enjoyed this place and even brought some desserts back.

It was dark and I was in a rush, so I didn't snap many pictures of our desserts. Unfortunately, some of my shots came out a bit blurry.

6 comments on “Dessert at Cafe Zuchero”

  1. I used to go to Zucherro’s a lot. Actually, we’d go to the sister restaurant next door (same owner) and eat dinner but would get desserts from Zucherro’s. Nice to see they still have that large selection.

  2. I’ve never tried the sister restaurant next door. I used to come to Cafe Zuchero all the time for desserts. Now I only seem to come when people are visiting. They do have a pretty nice dessert display.

  3. Looks great Kirbie! Have you tried Solunto’s down the street? I <3 the cannolis there. They fill it to order so there's no compromise in the crispiness of the shells.
    Btw, I read your comment you left about my recent SF post. I'm from SJ myself! What high school did you go to?

  4. I have not tried Solunto! I’ll have to try it next time as I love cannolis. I went to MV, where did you go?

  5. Lincoln my first year and Willow Glen the last 3 in SJ.

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