Green tea mochi with chocolate filling

I've enjoyed the combination of chocolate and green tea, so for a while now I've thought of making green tea mochi with chocolate. But I wasn't really sure how to accomplish it.

This weekend, I tested it out. I made some chocolate ganache, which I then refrigerated so that it became pretty solid. After that, I rolled them into small balls, and set them aside for the chocolate filling.  Then I made the mochi dough, which I previously have made before, using the microwave.


I had to let the mochi dough cool a little because it was melting the chocolate ganache. But I couldn't let the dough completely cool because then I couldn't work with it anymore. So the chocolate did melt. But I put in the fridge for a little bit and that firmed up the chocolate a bit.  I liked the end result. Chocolate and green tea mochi is a good combination. The chocolate is a bit liquidy, but I think it tastes good that way.

I didn't have time to take too many photos because my hands were so sticky and I had to work fast before the mochi hardened.

These don't keep well. Definitely make and serve within the same day if possible.

Green tea mochi with chocolate filling

Yields approximately 6 mochi pieces

First, make sure you have chocolate ganache that has been thoroughly chilled and hardened in the fridge (a few hours or overnight).

You can find my recipe for chocolate ganache here.

Ingredients for mochi dough

1 cup of Mochiko glutinous rice flour
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of green tea powder
2/3 cup of water

Cornstarch/potato starch/or tapioca starch – for dusting


1. Take chocolate ganache and roll it into balls approximately 1/2 inch
in diameter. Make 6 balls.
2. In a microwave safe bowl, mix together mochiko glutinous rice flour, sugar, green tea and water. Mix well.
the mixture on high for two minutes. Remove and stir quickly, until dough is evenly mixed.
Return to the microwave and cook for another 1  to 1 1/2 minutes. I had to
play around with the timing of this for a while.  The first time I
overcooked the mochi and it was too hard. 
Scoop up a little more than one tablespoon of dough. Dust a plate or
counter top with either cornstarch, tapioca starch or potato starch.
5. Let the dough cool enough so that it is still hot but you can work with it without burning yourself. 
Dust your fingers and palms with starch and flatten a piece of dough
while it is still hot and put in the filling, then wrap dough around
the filling and seal the
opening with a tight pinch. Repeat until all dough is used up. Refrigerate the mochi for about 15- 30 minutes before serving. Don't refrigerate for an extended period of time or else the dough will harden.

12 comments on “Green tea mochi with chocolate filling”

  1. This looks. good. Love the combination. Definitley going to try this.

  2. I was surprised and happy with how tasty these came out. I hope you like them too.

  3. hi kirbie
    great combo of flavors. i think i may even attempt making this. the only ingredient i would need to buy would be the green tea powder. i usually have mochi flour on hand when i want to make palitao. your recipe looks pretty easy to do.
    i have cornstarch, but where can you get tapioca or potato starch?

  4. Wooo wooo…the chocolate is flowing out! :p …if I pop the whole mochi into my mouth, I can imagine the chocolate explosion.

  5. You could always make it without green tea powder. I think it’ll still taste good.
    I usually use corn starch. But you can also use tapioca or potato starch, which I usually get at Ranch 99. It’s in the flour section.

  6. It tastes pretty yummy with the flowing chocolate. And since the ganache is a bit thicker than just regular melted chocolate, you can take a bite without it becoming messy and dripping.

  7. thanks for the tips kirbie!

  8. Lovely mochi.
    I had an idea to prevent melting. If you made little chocolate ganache balls and froze them beforehand, when you went to work with them with the warm mochi dough they might not melt so much.

  9. GLUTINOUS rice flour is NOT gluten free. It’s riceflour that they pretty much just added straight gluten to. Please know what your marking as gluten free. I’d very much appreciate it if you removed the “gluten-free” tag on this recipe. It’s false.

  10. I am sorry for my previous comment. Upon further research the glutinous is just saying sticky as far as I can tell. I’m so sorry.

    • Thanks for coming back to apologize. I always wondered why they call it glutinous flour when it is gluten free because it does sound like it contains gluten. I can see why there would be confusion.

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