Chocolate Bread

A yeast chocolate bread. My first yeast bread. I'm pretty excited.

A while ago I bought Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. The idea of being able to easily make fresh bread is so appealing. I read the book, marked some recipes, bought some supplies, and then did nothing…

Even though the book simplifies the bread making process, I still kept putting it off. Then I saw The Nesting Project's post on chocolate bread and realized it was a recipe from the book. This inspired me to open my book and make the recipe.

Unlike some of the more traditional breads in the book that I wanted to make, this one doesn't require a pizza stone, steam, etc.

The dough was simple to mix together. I stuck the ingredients in my food processor to mix it all together. Then I stuck it in the fridge and baked it the next day. I didn't need to knead the bread, but I did have to let the bread sit for an hour and forty minutes before baking.

The bread was pretty chocolatey, yet still maintained the texture of bread rather than something like cake. The bread called for finely chopped chocolate, but I decided to try using chocolate chips.

I wish I had used a bit more dough or used a smaller loaf pan to get a higher loaf. I used the recipe in my book, but it is actually printed on their site as well, along with step by step photos. I wish I had looked at the website before making the bread. I'll probably do that for my next attempt.

I know I normally post the recipes I use, but the directions for this one are a bit longer. And I think the step by step photos are helpful, so I'm just going to link to the recipe. You can find the recipe here.

Hopefully I won't be lazy and will try some other recipes from this book soon.

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