Zion Market bento boxes

Zion Market
4611 Mercury Street
San Diego, CA 92111

A few weeks ago, when I was doing some grocery shopping at Zion Market, I noticed that the guy in front of me had bought a bunch of premade bentos. I didn't even know that Zion Market was selling bentos, but sure enough, the next week I saw it on their ad.

I was pretty interested. Usually I get bentos from Nijiya, and while I enjoy them, it's always nice to have another choice.


Zion offers two types of bentos. One is a bento box with rice, your choice of meat (chicken, bulgogi beef or spicy pork) and some little side dishes. 

The other option is a bibimbop, except without the stone pot and crispy
rice. Instead you just have regular rice with all the things that
usually got inside bibimbop. I liked the side dish options better for the bibimbop but it barely had any meat. BF looked at it and said it was more of a salad..I guess it does look like a salad, except with rice instead of lettuce.

I chose the beef bento box. There was a decent amount of food, definitely enough for a meal. I liked the beef, but I didn't really like the sides though. One of them was pickled spicy peppers, which I didn't know until I bit into it.

For $5.99, it's a good lunch option if you are craving Korean food. I'll probably try the chicken and the pork at some point too.

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