Soft and Fluffy Butter Rolls

Can you believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks? I’m starting to stress out because I’ve now realized that I won’t get a chance to test out all the pumpkin and other potential Thanksgiving recipes I wanted to before the holiday.

Each year I try to make some non-pumpkin baked goods for Thanksgiving, so it’s not an overload of pumpkin. I’ve been searching for a good dinner roll recipe, and I think this one is a winner. It’s slightly more complicated than some of the other ones I’ve tested, but it also tastes worlds better.

Super soft and fluffy, these rolls are similar to my favorite milk bread, except that you don’t need the tangzhong agent and they have a more buttery texture and taste. My one change for next time is that I’m going to leave out the egg wash. As much as I like the shine, it made the tops quite dark.

I found this recipe on Christine’s Recipes and followed it exactly. You can find her recipe here.

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