Fruit Bars

With the weather warming up, I’m excited to start making summer desserts again. Last year, I started making my own ice pops and came up with quite a few yummy ones. I hope to add to that recipe collection this year as well.

To start things off, here are some super easy fruit bars. I’m a sucker for desserts where you can see fruit pieces inside.

For the base, you can use any kind of light colored or clear juice. I used white grape juice. Then you chop up some fruit, stick it into the molds, pour in the juice and you’re done. Off in the freezer it goes.

For my ice pop molds, I purchased the Norpro Ice Pop Maker because I was really looking for that classic ice pop look (though mine is clear with a metal lid. It looks like they’ve updated it since my purchase and made it colorful too). It works great. The wooden sticks it came with were a little too big and didn’t fit. But then I bought this 100 pack and they fit beautifully. You just need to run the ice molds under warm water for a few minutes and the popsicles pop right out.

If you’re looking for other ice pop inspirations, here’s the ones I’ve made so far:

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Fruit Bars


Fresh fruits of your choice, chopped into bite-sized pieces (strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, cherries are good options)
light colored juice (apple or white grape juice work well)


Fill molds with fresh fruit. You want there to be about 2/3 of fruit in the mold so that they will spread out over the ice bar. Add in juice until it reaches the line on the ice pop mold of where you are supposed to stop. Place in freezer for several hours to set. Follow instructions on box of ice pop molds for removal. For mine, you run the ice pop molds under the sink for about a minute or two and then the ice pops will remove easily.

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8 comments on “Fruit Bars”

  1. thank you Thank Tou THANK YOU! Also has 1LB strawberries on sale for 1.39 so this is perfect!

    • There’s a lot of fruit bar recipes you can do with strawberries. You can also blend them, add a little sugar and then put them in molds too.

  2. Those pops are so beautiful. How do you get some of the fruit to be towards the stick part (the fruit will sink to the ‘top’ of pop right?). I think I’ll be making these for my nephews soon 🙂

    • If you fill it with enough fruit (about 2/3 full) and make sure some are bigger pieces and heavier, then they will be spread out.

  3. These would be perfect for the summer! I would love to make them with pineapple and lychee. Great recipe!

    • ooh, that sounds like a good combination. I want to make a lychee one now and maybe even use some lychee juice or pineapple juice for the base!

  4. Your ice pops look so beautiful!

    We are going to make strawberry and pineapple pops today! We have a different kind of mold where the plastic holder is one piece, as it is connected to the stick part. fresh & easy didn’t carry white grape juice, so we are going to use light apple juice. hope they turn out okay!

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