Bite Sized Bold Flavors

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Have you tried the new Sargento® Snack Bites™ cheese snacks? They are bite-sized cheese sticks that make a convenient and delicious snack.

I was thrilled when I heard about this new product. I have cheese everyday as part of my snack routine, so these really intrigued me. Not only are these cheese sticks a perfect size for packing or portioning, but they come in four bold and fun flavors so that you have a variety to choose from: Savory Garlic & Herb Jack, Chipotle BBQ Cheddar, Colby-Pepper Jack, and Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar.

Usually I just snack on cheddar cheese, so I was really excited by the flavor options and I loved seeing flavors that you don’t normally find in the cheese aisle.

Honestly, it was hard to choose a favorite. I tried the Savory Garlic & Herb Jack first, and I loved its bold flavor. The garlic and herbs complement the soft, creamy Monterey Jack natural cheese for a delicious snack.

Then I tried the Chipotle BBQ Cheddar and that became my favorite. They were zesty, smoky and sweet, just like BBQ sauce!

But then I also really loved the marbled appearance and the spicy heat of the Colby-Pepper Jack. Monterey Jack with habanero and jalapeno peppers mingles with Colby cheese to add a kick to this tasty snack.

And of course after trying all the new-to-me flavors, the classic Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar was quite comforting while still flavorful and bold. It’s fun to be able to rotate between the flavors.

I also really love the convenience of these sticks. I probably shouldn’t admit this, but when I prepare my afternoon cheese snacks, I’m usually far too busy to actually get out a cutting board and knife and slice my cheese. Which is why I like how these Snack Bites™ cheese snacks are already pre-cut. Not only does it save me time, but now I also know just how many calories I’m consuming (20 calories per stick!) rather than just guessing. And when I’m not at home, I can also easily slip a few of these a container to-go.

Also, their mini size is so cute! I’m so happy that these came out and it’s now become part of my family’s snack routine. You can find Sargento® Snack Bites™ cheese snacks at grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.69 per resealable bag. Which reminds me, I need to stock up on more soon!

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