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Microwave Snickerdoodle Cookie

photo of a stack of three Microwave Snickerdoodle Cookies

This recipe makes one single, large, soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookie in the microwave in just a few minutes.

overhead photo of a Snickerdoodle Cookie

Since making a Chocolate Chip Mug Cookie a few years back, I love making single serving cookies in the microwave. It’s a great way to satisfy my cookie craving without having to bake a dozen cookies. Lately, I’ve been craving snickerdoodles. When my youngest brother used to live with me, I’d make a big batch and we’d eat them all within a few days. I don’t make snickerdoodles nearly as often since getting married because I don’t want to be left with the temptation of so many cookies.
photo collage showing how to make the snickerdoodle cookie
To be clear, this is a short-cut recipe and not your traditional snickerdoodle. A snickerdoodle cookie usually has a pretty long list of ingredients, including shortening, cream of tartar and more. I didn’t want to share a single cookie recipe that would require close to a dozen ingredients. It just would be too much work. This recipe requires just five ingredients. It isn’t the same as the classic, but it sure tastes pretty darn close.
close-up photo of a snickerdoodle cookie
The cookie texture is both soft and a little chewy. This microwave cookie really does taste like a cookie and not just a cake flattened into a cookie shape. I had so much fun eating these, even though I ended up making and eating more than one. It was for research, really! Also, drinking milk out of an old fashioned bottle and a paper straw is so much more fun than drinking it out of a regular glass.
overhead photo of a small jug of milk with a straw
I made so many cookies because I was playing around with different prepping techniques, trying to determine the best way to cook, shape and serve these. Because these cookies are cooked in the microwave, they don’t spread out slowly like traditional oven-baked cookies. So if you are to cook them on a flat surface, they take a free form shape that isn’t quite a circle. (See cookie on the far left.)
overhead photo of three snickerdoodle cookies
I tried various methods to make them come out rounder, including cooking in a baking dish that was nearly the exact length of the cookies. While this baking dish did help make round cookies, it also didn’t cook them quite as evenly. The edges are a tiny bit undercooked because they run into the walls of the baking dish.

photo of the cookie batter in a bowl iwth a small bowl of cinnamon sugar

After half a dozen tries, I think the free form cookie, while not the prettiest, turned out the best. They cooked evenly all the way through. But if presentation is a must, you can cook them in a baking dish but you may have to cut away the gooey edges before serving.

close-up photo of a stack of snickerdoodle cookies

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photo of snickerdoodle cookies

Microwave Snickerdoodle Cookie

Servings: 1 cookie
Prep Time: 4 minutes
Cook Time: 1 minute
Total Time: 5 minutes
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
This recipe makes one single, large, soft and chewy snickerdoodle cookie in the microwave in just a few minutes. I've shared a lot of notes, so be sure to review them before you make your cookie.
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  • 1 tbsp unsalted butter melted
  • 3 tbsp all purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp  granulated white sugar
  • 1 tbsp whisked egg


  • 1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp granulated white sugar


  • In a small bowl or mug, combine melted butter, flour, 2 tbsp white sugar and egg. Mix together with a mini whisk until batter is completely smooth.
  • Line a large, round and microwave-safe plate with parchment paper. Using a spatula, scoop out cookie dough onto parchment paper. Make sure to use your spatula to really scrape the bowl/mug to get all of the sticky batter onto your parchment paper.
  • Using the spatula, shape the dough into a round circle. In a separate bowl, mix together the cinnamon and 1/2 tsp sugar. Sprinkle the mixture evenly across the surface of your cookie round.
  • Cook the cookie in the microwave at full power for about 50 seconds. I don't recommend going over 50 seconds as your cookie can quickly overcook and become hard. When you gently press the surface of the cookie with your finger, it should feel very soft and not quite done, however, no raw dough should stick to your finger. 
  • Cool the cookie on the plate for about 1 minute. You'll notice that it will continue to cook and firm up. After 1 minute, the cookie should be firm enough to eat. The cookie is best eaten warm, within a few minutes of it being cooked. Some sections of the cookie may start to stiffen if left to sit out.


  • As mentioned in the post, your microwave cookie will have a free-form shape. While it isn't the prettiest, I found this method was the best for evenly cooking the cookie. the If presentation is extremely important to you, you can cook the cookie in a baking dish. However, I found this method isn't ideal as it doesn't cook the cookie as evenly.
How to Cook the Cookie in Baking Dish
  • First, you need a round baking dish that measures 5 inches in diameter across the bottom. It's important to measure the bottom because a lot of these baking dishes are more narrow at the bottom and then gradually widen up. The cookie will need 5 inches to fully form. If your baking dish is too small, your cookie will not be able to spread all the way and will not cook properly.
  • You also will need to cut a parchment paper to fit the bottom of your baking dish before adding the dough, so that you can easily remove the cookie after it is done cooking. You may find that even though your cookie is done cooking, a tiny bit of the edge will remain gooey if cooked in a baking dish, due to it hitting the walls of the baking dish. You may have to scrape this off before serving or eating.

The nutrition information provided are only estimates based on an online nutritional calculator. I am not a certified nutritionist. Please consult a professional nutritionist or doctor for accurate information and any dietary restrictions and concerns you may have.

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37 comments on “Microwave Snickerdoodle Cookie”

  1. Way too much egg, it was all i could taste, also they were rubbery. 

    • How much egg did you use? It should only be one tablespoon. It sounds like you used a whole egg which will change the texture and flavor.

  2. Best microwave treat I’ve tried thus far! I had a craving for snicker doodles I just couldn’t get out of my head and this was the perfect fix to share with my partner. I wasn’t sure if the cookie was done by the time we started snacking and it had a cookie dough thing going for it. I went over the suggested time at about 1m 10s. Dare I say it reminds me of my great great italian aunt’s cookies? It’s probably because homemade is almost always gonna be better than store bought.

  3. Sooo good plus the first microwave cookie that didn’t puff up like a pancake 10/1”

  4. I am 12 years old and I made this myself when I wasn’t allowed to use the oven. It turned out delicious! Thank you so much!

  5. Very good! I doubled the egg to 2 tbsp and added vanilla and cinnamon to the dough and I was very pleased! If you make a larger version of the recipe using a whole egg, it turns into a delicious creation very similar to a mug cake!

  6. This was delicious!!! By the grace of God I found this recipe last night and have made 6 since then. Very good, will be our go-to from now on!

  7. Obviously you aren’t going to get the crispiness of a regular snickerdoodle when making it in the microwave, but this recipe is about as spot on with the flavor as you are going to get. I recomend using salted butter, or putting a pinch of salt in the batter, because I find that it really brings out the flavors. I have made this recipe many times after I discovered it and it never fails me, a great choice when you want a sweet cinnamon treat!

  8. Obviously you aren’t going to get the crispiness of a regular snickerdoodle when making it in the microwave, but this recipe is about as spot on with the flavor as you are going to get. I have made this recipe many times after I discovered it and it never fails me, a great choice when you want a sweet cinnamon treat!

  9. Sweetness overload! The cookie has a really nice texture and it’s really easy to make. But I think the flavor just needs a little more something. Pretty good, still. I find that if you overcook it a little, part of the cookie is more crunchy, which makes it even better (to me) ?

  10. I absolutely LOVE this recipe! I second the commenter who said this was perfect for those times when my sweet tooth wants a treat, but I don’t have anything else on hand to satisfy my craving. I especially appreciate that the recipe only yields on cookie, only calls for ingredients I always keep on hand, and is done in under 5 minutes! Thanks so much for taking the time to perfect this recipe.

    Looking forward to trying it out!

    • I’m so happy you liked it!

    • I’m damn near speechless. This is both the best microwave recipe and single serving recipe I’ve ever tried. There is one major issue with the recipe oh, though. It’s far too good to make just one but making another 10 as single servings, which I may very well do, sort of defeats the purpose ?

  11. Amazing! I tried it and it is amazing!!!! 🙂

  12. Do u have to put unsailtedbbutter or canbit be regular 

    • I recommend unsalted because the salt content varies between diff brands of butter and you find the cookie too salty if you use salted butter.

  13. This is by far the best microwave cookie I’ve ever had! Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. I tried this, but it came out very different. I am wondering what I did wrong… I added 3 tbsp flour, but the result was still too liquidy, so i added 2 more. I wonder if that’s the problem?
    Overall, I haven’t tasted them yet, but I still think they could be delicious.

    • i think 2 extra tbsp of flour may be too much. The batter you start out with should be thick and sticky but not as solid as your typical cookie dough, as you can see in my photos. was your batter more liquid than that? With this ingredient list, it shouldn’t be too liquidy. For your butter, make sure you measure out exactly 1 tbsp and then melt it down, as it will make a difference. hope that helps!

  15. I just made one of these and it tasted absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m definitely going to hold on to this for the future as well.

    I don’t know if I did something wrong, though? The dough texture was a bit unexpected, it all balled up inside the whisk so I ended up having to scrape it out mix it with a small spatula.

    But on the bright side, it was super easy to make into a perfect round cookie shape. I cooked it 75 seconds in my 900 watt microwave and probably would have done more if I wasn’t afraid of over cooking. The result was a very warm, chewy, sort of dense cookie. Definitely not a bad thing at all!

    • I’m glad this turned out well for you. Hmm, I’m not sure what happened with the dough. It should be pretty thick, but not ball up. Perhaps a little too much flour?

  16. I just tried making it and it tastes like an oven baked snickerdoodle! Thanks so much!

  17. It was ok and I would try it again although I think it has sort of a bland taste that could be improved very much by some vanilla and cinnamon in the dough to give it a stronger flavor. Yet overall I am quite happy and am looking forward to making this next time I am in a need for a quick cookie!

  18. Yes! This is the perfect solution to the “we have no junk food in the house and I NEEEEEED a cookie” problem. Thank you so much.