Cake de Partie

Cake de Partie just recently opened, offering a variety of unique desserts, drinks and savory dishes as well. We visited this weekend and loved almost everything we tried.

We’ve passed the “coming soon” sign for months now and I had all but given up hope of this restaurant ever opening. And then suddenly it was open and of course I was out of town. But luckily, we had time this weekend to try it out and I think it’s definitely been worth the wait.
The restaurant has a energetic and colorful atmosphere. At the front, you’ll find a counter full of delicious desserts like three flavors of crepe cakes. They also offer several desserts plated to order, colorful refresher sodas and some savory snack items.

Butterfly Pea Lemonade and Lychee Rose
We started out with these beautiful refresher craft sodas. They have 7 flavors available and I only wish I had a bigger party so I could try them all, especially since they are so colorful! But I ended up choosing the two I was most interested in.


The Butterfly Pea Lemonade is a vivid purple and pink, which I was immediately drawn to. The color actually comes naturally from the butterfly pea flower. I was not familiar with this plant until this visit. My friend caninecologne actually texted me the information. We actually randomly ran into each other there. She was with a few of her girlfriends and had arrived a little before I did. The flower creates a natural blue dye, but when it mixes with certain ingredients, like lemons, it can turn pink.

I really enjoyed the butterfly pea lemonade. The carbonation made it feel light and refreshing and I also though the lemon slices (which unfortunately you can’t really see in this photo), cut into some of the sweetness

I also enjoyed the lychee rose, which had several lychees inside. The blush pink was so pretty and while this drink was a little sweet, I love lychee flavored drinks so I really enjoyed it.

For each of the refresher sodas, you can also add soju for an alcoholic version.

Original Chicken Wings
To go with our drinks, we ordered some chicken wings. These were quite good. They were crunchy, plump and moist. I did think they were a tad pricey since there were only 5 wings for $6.49.

Spaghetti Tom Yum Shrimp
I asked the guy helping us at the register to recommend a dish and he recommended this one. I was pleasantly surprised to find several large shrimp in the pasta. The thick noodles were cooked just right and I enjoyed the sauce which is inspired by Thai Tom Yum soup. It was slightly salty for me, but otherwise quite good and I look forward to trying the other pasta dishes.

Mocha Crepe Cake
They serve 3 flavors of crepe cake here: mocha, green tea and plain. This was my first time seeing the mocha flavor so I had to get it. I’ve eaten a lot of crepe cakes in the last few months, having tried them at several places, and this may be the best one I’ve had. There was such a lightness to the crepes and filling. One of these days I’ll make a crepe cake, but until then, this is my new favorite crepe cake spot.

Green Tea Lava Cake
This was a plated dessert and I loved the decoration and the scoop of ice cream, which sat on a bed of crunchy sugar crystals and chopped nuts. I’ve been wanting to try a green tea lava cake for a very long time, but they are hard to find outside of Asia! The cake itself is a rich chocolate cake, with a liquid green tea lava center. It was so fun to break it open and watch the lava pour out.

As I mentioned above, I ran into my good friend caninecologne and she offered to let me take a few photos of the desserts I didn’t get. It was so nice of her and her friends to wait while I took a few photos and admired what they ordered.

Three Chocolate Bavarois
This was so pretty. I need to try it next time!

Dark Chocolate Mousse + Raspberry Jelly
Overall, we had a wonderful first visit here. I’ve been so excited by all the new Asian dessert places popping up in San Diego and this one did not disappoint. The staff was super friendly and attentive and we will definitely be back soon to work our way through the menu.


Cake de Partie
4685 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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  1. It was such a nice surprise to see you and Mr K there! I had just told my friends about our recent experience at The Lot since we just had breakfast there. Cake de Partie was our last stop of the day for my friend’s birthday foodcrawl.

    We loved everything we had here, from the appetizers, drinks to the desserts. The drinks were so colorful and very refreshing. My post will be forthcoming. 🙂

  2. Great looking drinks! I’m gonna have to try that place.

  3. WOW. I looked up that butterfly pea– the tea brewed from it is seriously a test-tube blue! Crazy! I just ordered myself a little package of the dried flowers from Thailand. It’s so gorgeous, I wonder if it will become a big trend in the coming years.

  4. Is this in Pangaea’s old spot?

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