PokewanPokewan is a new build-your-own poke bowl restaurant that offers a unique and healthier twist on poke bowls by including elements of the current healthy bowls trend. In addition to the traditional bases, you’ll also find options like cucumber noodles and quinoa. And toppings include superfoods like goji berries and blueberries. They also offer desserts like dole whip and jolly cane ice cream.

The restaurant opened a location in Carlsbad a few months ago and a second location in Del Mar softly opened this past weekend.
We visited the Del Mar location over the weekend. The restaurant is decorated with fun backdrops and tables with phrases like “aloha” and “don’t be hangry.” Bowls come in the size “happy” or “happier.”



You can design your own bowl or choose from one of their signature creations. Since this was our first time, we decided to choose from the signature bowls.

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salmon served on quinoa, topped with avocado, blue crab, blueberry, chia seeds, goji berry, watermelon radish, sweet onion, scallion, furikake, rayu chili oil and yuzu citrus sauce
This may be the prettiest poke bowl I’ve ever eaten. It was colorful and filled with ingredients I don’t normally find in my poke bowls, but I really enjoyed it. It tasted light and healthy but it was also flavorful and satisfying.pokewan-6

Maui Wowie Mango
tuna served on cucumber noodles, topped with mango salsa, avocado, edamame, beet, sweet onion, furikake, scallion, chef blend, micro shiso and mango habanero sauce
This was a little on the spicy side, but I liked the heat and the sweetness from the mango salsa.

Dole Whip
Of course I couldn’t resist getting a Dole Whip and I’m happy that there’s another place in San Diego that serves it. I thought the portion was generous and we ended up sharing this.

Overall, we had a great first visit and we will definitely be back. While these are quite different from traditional Hawaiian poke bowls, I love that they’ve embraced the healthy bowl trend. I’m always striving to eat healthier so I eat a lot of smoothie bowls, protein bowls, etc. I think the prices are quite reasonable ($8.75 for a regular, $10.75 for a large, $11.95 for a signature), especially considering the variety of premium toppings offered for no additional charge. I’m excited to be able to add these healthier poke bowls to my routine and I also look forward to making my way through the dessert menu.

12925 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130
(there is also a location in Carlsbad)

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