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-21°C Snowflake

-21°C Snowflake is a new dessert shop in San Diego offering Korean-style shaved ice and trendy tea drinks.
photo of a dessert served at -21°C Snowflake

The restaurant is located around the corner from Up2You Cafe and tucked behind Hui An Garden. It’s currently in its soft opening and has been running variation promotions through yelp and facebook check-ins.
photo of the outside of -21°C Snowflake
At the register, they have display models of the various shaved ice creations they offer.
photo of the shaved ice desserts displayed at the register

Korean Style Snowflake

photo of Korean Style Snowflake
This is a very traditional Korean shaved ice flavor, topped with peanut powder, red beans and mochi.

The ice here is shaved very finely. I was happy to see that the ice contains milk. I prefer this over the old school shaved ice made with only water because the milk base is much creamier.
close-up photo of Korean Style Snowflake
We found this to be just the right amount of sweetness. I did think the portion was a little small though as the two of us polished it offered really quickly.

21 Below Milk Tea
photo of a 21 Below Milk TeaMr. K also ordered their milk tea with boba. It tasted fine but nothing particularly special.

Mango Cheesecake Snowflake
photo of Mango Cheesecake Snowflake
A few days later, we returned to try the mango cheesecake, another popular flavor for Korean shaved ice. The mango cubes were sweet and paired well with the tangy cheesecake. This ice flavor was sweeter than the peanut powder one because of the mango syrup. I actually found myself preferring the first one we had, but I can see the mango one being a favorite flavor.

Passionfruit Green Tea and Cheese Oolong Tea
photo of Passionfruit Green Tea and Cheese Oolong Tea
I like that they use different cup styles to suit different types of drinks. This passionfruit one was light and refreshing. The addition of fruit slices was a nice touch and I like the easy sippy-cup lid.

We really like the cheese tea trend and order one of these drinks whenever we see them available. A slightly salty foam is added to the top of the tea and it really enhances the sweetness and tea flavor. The cheese flavor itself is very subtle.

Overall, we enjoyed our visits here. I thought service could have been a little friendlier and I found the prices of the shaved ice a little high. It’s not as good as some of the Korean shaved ice places we’ve had in Los Angeles, but I do think it is better than lot of the places in San Diego.


-21°C Snowflake
4764 Convoy St
San Diego, CA 92111

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4 comments on “-21°C Snowflake”

  1. Looks interesting! I’ve only had Korean shaved ice up in L.A. I think my kids will like it no matter what. 🙂

    As for the cheese cream drinks, I noticed Square Bar recently introduced those as well.

    Hope I can check this out soon.

    • You should definitely check it out with the kids! We had the cheese drinks in the Bay Area for the first time last year and really liked them. I’ve had it at Square Bar too. I’m glad it’s starting to become more popular here in SD.

  2. Mmmm Korean shaved ice is one of my fiance’s (and his family’s) favorite! Our local joint sells a flavor called “Golden Dust” that includes golden dust, red bean, rice cake, and almond. The peanut flour flavor you posted sounds absolutely divine. My family makes halo halo, but maybe next time I’ll sprinkle some PB2 powder on top for some added love!