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5-Minute Mug Cakes Book Preview

It’s less than two months until my first book comes out and I’m excited to finally share a little more about the book, reveal a few preview photos, and offer signed bookplates for pre-orders.
5-Minute Mug Cakes Book cover photo

Signed Bookplates for Pre-orders

If you plan on purchasing the book, a great way is to pre-order it. It’s currently available for pre-order at most of the big online merchants (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Indigo, Bookish). You can also buy from the publisher. For international readers, you can order from Book Depository (thanks Belinda!) The great thing about pre-orders is that most companies have a price guarantee, so if the price does drop between when you order and when the book is released, you will be charged the lowest price. Also you aren’t charged until the book is shipped, so you can pre-order it and forget about it, and it will be shipped to you when it’s released.

In addition, as an added incentive for pre-ordering, I have 100 signed bookplates to give to the first 100 pre-orders. Simply be one of the first 100 to send me an email with 1) proof of purchase, 2) who you want the signed bookplate to be addressed to, and 3) mailing address for the bookplate to be shipped. Bookplates are basically an insert which you can stick into your book, so that you have a signed book.

The publishing company has already printed out 100 of them for me and they look like this.

I will sign the bookplate with a message and Mr. K has also agreed to contribute with a Kirbie icon sketch similar to the one you see on my blog and social media, but this one is customized for the book.

I am also working on putting together some giveaways that I will be raffling off to pre-orders such as mug sets, cooking tools and more.

By The Numbers

95: the number of written recipes in the book. There are also additional suggestions for other variations to some of the mug cakes, so you really have more than 100 recipes to choose from. I originally wrote 100 recipes for the book, but we ended up adding in fun toppings, frostings and decorations and in order to fit those all in, we cut out a few recipes.

515: the number of mug cakes I made in writing this book. For each recipe, I went through 3 to 7 variations in order to determine the best one. I tasted them all (I spared my taste testers with only the best versions).

65: the number of new recipes I created for the book. Some of them will be shared on the blog but many will remain exclusive to the book. Some of the new recipes include: flourless Nutella cake, Hostess cupcake, dulce de leche cake, Thai tea cake, mimosa cake, just to name a few.

14: The number of chapters the recipes are divided into so that all your cravings are covered. I’ve got breakfast ones, holiday ones, cookie mug cakes and even savory mug cakes.

100: the number of cakes I remade the last two weeks before I turned in the final book draft because I had to triple check that they were all correct. I cooked about 10 a day and made myself and Mr. K try each one. I was feeling ill by the end of those two weeks from all the sugar. Mr. K’s taste buds also got all out of whack. At one point he said “I taste olive oil” and it was a Bailey’s cake…

Other Fun Goodies

Special Sections– I’ve got special sections for dietary restrictions like a 200 calories or less chapter and a gluten-free chapter. I also have a 4 ingredients or less chapter.

Grams! I’m constantly being asked to convert recipes into grams and all the recipes in this book have measurements in both tablespoons/cups and grams/ounces.

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools– Whether you’re wondering if you can substitute an ingredient, want to know why my recipe uses baking soda instead of baking powder, or need more information on mug cake tools, I’ve written introduction chapters that explain the common ingredients used in my recipes as well as the recommended tools for making the perfect mug cake.

Countries outside of the US– I know some of my readers are outside of the US and I’ve got some exciting news. As of now, the book will be available in Germany, Italy, Canada and France. This list is likely to grow as most don’t commit until they see the actual book. I’m excited to see the translated versions!

Photos and Food Styling

Don’t worry, you won’t be stuck with my boring photos. The publishing company hired a professional photographer and a food stylist, so you’ll see many new pretty photos in this book. And they really did photo the recipes as written. Sometimes you hear about food stylists using fake ingredients or other tricks to create certain shots, but these pictures are of my actual recipes.

Here are a few photos in the book:

photo of a Ding Dong inspired chocolate mug cake
photo of a chocolate mug cake topped with whipped cream
So that’s it for now. As the book launch gets closer, I will try to share more previews and other updates. I worked really hard on writing this book and if you do like my mug cakes or know of a friend or family member that will, I hope you will pre-order the book. Thank you for your support!




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16 comments on “5-Minute Mug Cakes Book Preview”

  1. So excited for you, Kirbie! The recipes sound fantastic, and those photos are gorgeous!

  2. Can’t wait! Will be preordering. I might come over for a real signed copy =D (Benefits of being friends).

  3. Very cool – so awesome to see your book coming to life. I know you must be so excited! The photography looks great so far – that Hostess one totally looks like a Hostess cupcake 🙂

  4. Congrats again on the book Kirbie – it’s really great to see the success you’ve achieved 🙂

  5. Very nice! I’ll be sure to pre-order some books (one for me and a few for gifts for some friends with young kids). : )  How very exciting!  

  6. It looks so pretty. I’m in Australia and will be preordering from the Book Depository with my next book order. Link here for other international readers who might be interested –

    • thank you for this! I wasn’t aware of this site, and I am updating this post to let international readers know!

  7. Congratulations, what an amazing accomplishment!! Looking forward to seeing the book!

  8. Your mug cakes have such a perfect texture compared to other online recipes I’ve found! I’ve pre-ordered a copy and found this post, I realize it’s about a month old so I was wondering if there are any book plates left.

    • thanks for being so sweet. Yes there are a few book plates left because the publishing company printed some extra, so if you email me with your proof of purchase I can send you a book plate. hope you enjoy the book!

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