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85C Revisit and Sea Salt Coffee!

85C Bakery Cafe
2700 Alton Pkwy, Ste 123
Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 553-8585

I made another visit to 85C Bakery and Cafe again this past weekend. I can’t resist visiting whenever I’m in the area.  My previous posts can be found here and here.  I am constantly amazed by the continuous long lines this place still has and also the new bread varieties every time I come.  Of course, it’s sad when I don’t see my favorites, but it’s also interesting trying out new breads.

Here are the breads I tried on this occasion:

This is a coffee raisin danish.  It looks very sweet, but it’s not too sweet because of the coffee flavor of the bread.  I like the raisins inside.

Multigrain with walnuts.  Last time I tried the multigrain bread without walnuts.  While not my favorite of breads, it’s still melt in your mouth soft and slightly sweet- a great way to be eating all those healthy multigrains.  For some reason, I enjoyed this version more than the multigrain I tried last time.  Something about the addition of walnuts makes this bread addicting.

This it the mocha swirl.  Very pretty.  A coffee tasting bread, so not too sweet.  The inside has swirls of red beans.  It’s not just one big lump of red beans, but they are spread out in a thin swirl paste, making it less sweet.  Pretty yummy.

Coffee bread with red bean mochi filling, with a few bites missing.  Haha. I forgot I hadn’t taken a picture.  The outside has a similar crust to the pineapple bun, but with coffee flavor.  Interesting taste.  Inside is a red bean mochi!

Maple toast.  It is toasted, but even after it is cold, you can still taste the crunchy toasted flavor.  Full of maple syrup taste as well.  Yum.

I also got the chocolate swirl bread again. Chocolate cake, with non-sweet soft bread and a swirl of raisins. An interesting and delicious combination.

Finally, this time I tried the sea salt ice coffee, which they were promoting a lot.  Apparently, this is a new sensation in Taiwan.  I was intrigued.  How would sea salt taste in my coffee?  Basically, the sea salt is put in the foam on the top of the coffee.  You can read more about it here. I wish it had been served in some other than a paper to go cup so I could see the foam and the coffee. Oh well.

So the verdict? Good!  It’s very subtle.  You kind of taste the salt in the foam, but it doesn’t make the drink salty.  In fact, the coffee drink is actually sweeter as a result, which is what they were trying to achieve with the idea.

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2 comments on “85C Revisit and Sea Salt Coffee!”

  1. It’s been so successful, I think they will open more. Hopefully one in SD, but I doubt it.

  2. hmm!! sea salt coffee? i’ll have to look for it here.. i like sea salt chocolate, so it probably tastes good. i wonder if they’ll open more 85C in LA with its success in OC