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Almond tofu

With the hot weather, I've been into finding more refreshing, lighter snacks.  Almond tofu fits that category perfectly.  It's easy to make from a mix, is served cold, and satisfies my sweet tooth. For those who haven't had almond tofu, it's basically a gelatin that is almond flavored.  It's usually served cold with fruit cocktail.

You can buy the mix to make almond tofu from most asian grocery stores.  This is the one I bought:

Following the directions, you simply boil the mix with 4 1/2 cups of boiling water, then put it in a container and let it cool in the fridge and gel together for approximately 2 hours.  I usually put the mixture in a 11 x 13 pan, so that I can cut it into small cubes after.

After that, you can serve with fruit cocktail of your choice. I enjoy using the tropical flavored ones that you can find in Asian grocery stores because they have papaya, nato de coco (a chewy jelly made of coconut).  Sometimes I also add a canned lychee. I also usually add additional nata de coco.

Here is the final product:

You can refrigerate any uneaten amounts up to a few days.

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