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Aranzi Cafe

photo of the sign for Aranzi Cafe
My trip to Taiwan was full of cuteness overload. One great example was Aranzi Cafe, a chain of bakery cafes originally from Japan and with several locations in Taipei. They offer some of the most adorable cakes and sandwiches I’ve ever seen.
photo of a display cakes with dessertsphoto of another dessert display
I was first made aware of them from a hungry girl’s guide to taipei during our dessert tour outing. Once she showed me one, I started noticing them everywhere. There is one located inside the food court of each of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi  shopping centers and I believe there are a few standalone cafes too.
photo collage of different kinds of desserts and cakes
On my last day, I finally had a chance to get one. I was really curious as to how they were decorating the cake, so this was all done in research of course.
overhead photo of a bunny shaped cake
We chose the bunny shaped cake. I delayed the process of cutting into it and ruining its cuteness as long as possible by taking several photos.
side-view of the bunny cake showing the different layersclose-up photo of the side of the bunny cake
It’s basically a vanilla sponge cake with a fresh fruit and whipped cream filling. The top white layer also tasted like a whipped cream frosting, but even upon closer inspection, I couldn’t figure out how they got it to look so perfectly smooth.

The small cake could easily feed four, and Mr. K and I had a hard time finishing it on our own. For $180 NT or approximately $6 USD, I thought the price was pretty fair, especially since it was so cute.
photo of the cake box
Not only was the cake adorable, but the little box it came in was really cute too. Heck, even the napkins had the adorable characters.
overhead photo of a napkin with a plastic fork and knife

It’s definitely worth a visit if you are near one. I only wish I had more time to properly explore the menu offerings.

Aranzi Cafe
several locations
inside Shin Kong Mitsukoshi 
No. 12, Nanjing West Road, Zhongshan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 104


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6 comments on “Aranzi Cafe”

  1. superrrr cute! glad you liked it! thanks for the shout out! i can’t figure out how they get it so smooth either! i do want to check out the cafe someday, it’s cuteness overload

    • seriously i was studying the cake for so long! i think they must be using some sort of sheet or special tool. It’s soo cute and fun though. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  2. These cakes look so adorable! I’d probably admire it for several minutes before bringing myself to eat it. I’m actually heading to Taiwan for the first time this winter, any must-visits and recommendations?

  3. Wow!  Those cakes look great!  I love sponge cake.  🙂  They have pretty good ones at J.J. Bakery but they aren’t as nicely decorated.

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