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Baby kiwi

The other day I was at Trader Joe's when Boyfriend pointed out this package of baby kiwi to me.  I've never seen baby kiwi before but they were so cute I just had to buy a small box. 

The fruit are so tiny, like the size of grapes. I ate them after they were soft.  The skin is a thin layer, more like a grape than like a kiwi, and it doesn't have such a fuzzy texture like regular kiwi.  Inside, there aren't black seeds, but instead the seeds are a reddish color.  To eat them, I just cut them in half and then sucked out the flesh, which removed easily from the skin.  The kiwi was super sweet, but definitely had that tart, distinct aftertaste of a kiwi.  So while they look more like grapes, there is no mistaking these are kiwis.

When I looked up baby kiwi, I saw ones that looked exactly the same as big ones, with the same green flesh and the black seeds. When I was choosing mine at TJ, there were boxes of bright green ones and ones with the reddish tint.  I chose the ones with the reddish tint because I thought that meant they were more ripe.  Now I think maybe the greener ones might look different inside.

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9 comments on “Baby kiwi”

  1. How cute! I’ve never seen these before but am definitely interested in trying them.

  2. You must had gotten a good batch. Last time I bought them they tasted sour and didn’t take like kiwi.

  3. If you have a trader joe’s, you should try looking for them there! I love things mini.

  4. that’s too bad. Perhaps they weren’t ripe yet?

  5. I saw these yesterday when I was at my neighborhood TJ’s but didn’t get some. I wasn’t sure if they were meant more for cooking or could be eaten straight out of the box. Thanks for being the guinea pig. Now I wish I had gotten some…must go back!

  6. I love exploring at TJ! I can be in there for hours looking at stuff and buying all this stuff I totally don’t need. I need to find a food blogger that actually tries all the stuff at Trader Joe’s so I know what’s good and what’s not. heehee.

  7. Seriously! I like to browse at the grocery store. Maybe that’s why Husband never goes with me since he doesn’t like shopping and hates window shopping even more. Hehehe…
    Their Gingeroos cookies are great. And the macarons aren’t shabby either. And I just tried their brown rice marshmallow rice krispie treats! They’re actually pretty good and not as sweet as regular ones but still sweet enough to satiate cravings.

  8. Boyfriend hates going to the grocery store with me…but now he usually just brings his small sketch pad or he uses the time to talk to people on the phone. I’ve never tried Gingeroos or brown rice marshmallow rice krispie treats!! Brown rice, so creative! I’ve got to go back to Trader Joe’s now!

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