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Babycakes revisit

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So many posts that need to be done, so little time.  Hopefully, I'll have some more time in the upcoming weeks.  Here is a quick one.  After my first wonderful visit to Babycakes, I paid them another quick visit when I was in the area after lunch. 

It was a little after 3 when I arrived.  Unfortunately for me, they were out of a lot of the cupcake flavors I had enjoyed last time, including the yummy pistachio.  So, this time I decided to try two new ones: a passion fruit cupcake and a mocha chocolate cupcake.

I also noticed on this revisit that Babycakes has free wireless internet and a lot of tables for people to hang out at and enjoy their food.  This time around, the counter was being managed by the owner I had met last time and another employee.  The conversation was just as friendly and funny as last time, with even more banter going on since there were two people at the counter instead of just one.

The passion fruit cupcake wasn't decorated with sprinkles like all their other cupcakes, but instead adorned with a simple flower petal.  It reminded me of Extraordinary Desserts.  I prefer the sprinkles.  The single petal seemed a bit too simple and plain in design.  The cupcake was super moist with hints of passion fruit. 

The mocha chocolate was slightly on the dry side.  I think I'm beginning to notice somewhat of a pattern with their cupcakes.  The fruit flavored ones are super moist and the ones with cocoa are bit more dry.  This one wasn't my favorite, compared to the other ones I've had.

I'm going to make sure I stop by earlier next time, so that more flavors are available.  On Tuesday nights, if you get a glass of wine, you get a free cupcake!

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5 comments on “Babycakes revisit”

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  2. Wow, you should totally try the cupcakes! I haven’t yet been to Heavenly. It’s on my list of places to try.

  3. Yes, the cupcake looked so pretty! At least some of their other cupcakes are very moist.

  4. Babycakes is a great place, although I have to admit I haven’t tried their cupcakes yet. Have you been downtown to Heavenly Cupcake? That’s a pretty cute place too.

  5. Too bad about the mocha one, because it sure does look good from the pic. But I know what ya mean — no bigger disappointment than a dry-tasting cupcake. Sigh.

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