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Bagels & Brew

photo of the outside of Bagels & Brew

We recently visited Bagels & Brew so that we could try their unicorn bagels, which is their version of the very popular rainbow bagels from New York. For those unfamiliar, The Bagel Store in Brooklyn came out with rainbow colored bagels that became such a big sensation that they were hit with overwhelmingly long lines and even had to shut down the store temporarily for a time.

Normally, I don’t like to eat too much food coloring, but these colorful spirals were just so mesmerizing, so when I started seeing photos of a place in Southern California that offered them, I had to check it out. Bagels & Brew has three locations in Orange County and currently, they sell the unicorn bagels Thursday through Sunday. They also have a full menu, offering bagels, sandwiches and more. They have some other fun bagel creations too, like pizza bagels and an Elvis bagel.

Elvis Bagel
photo of the Elvis Bagel
You can order this on any of their bagel flavors but we stuck with plain. It’s topped with a generous amount of peanut butter, bananas, and bacon bits. The salty-sweet combination worked well. It was messy, but enjoyable.

Unicorn Bagels
photo of Unicorn Bagels
We got the unicorn bagels to-go. They also sell fun cream cheese spreads like Oreo and funfetti ones to go along with the bagels, but we didn’t buy any. The bagels are just plain bagels, but made with different colored doughs. I love how different each one was.
photo of a stack of Unicorn Bagels
These were definitely fun to try once, but not something I’d get regularly.

Bagels & Brew
26601 Aliso Creek Rd, #D
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656


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