Category: American

American cuisine is a wide and varied type of food and here you’ll find all of our favorite American Cuisine restaurants and food destinations. We love classics like the sandwiches served at Grater Grilled Cheese and big breakfasts like they serve at Snooze. If you love to find new places serving American food than this is the collection for you.


International Smoke

Fort Oak

Shake Shack (One Paseo)

Born and Raised

McDonald’s New Quarter Pounder Burgers

The Friendly

Charred Octopus from Waterbar



Snow’s BBQ

Shake Shack (San Diego)

The Melt

Trust Restaurant

Madison on Park

Red Card Cafe



The Crack Shack Encinitas

Roast Meat & Sandwich Shop

Solace and the Moonlight Lounge


Searsucker Del Mar

Breakfast Republic Encinitas

Howlin Rays The Sandwich

Howlin’ Ray’s