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photo from the restaurant over looking Mission Bay
Tidal is a restaurant in Paradise Point Resort overlooking Mission Bay. I’ve been curious about the restaurant for a while now, especially after seeing photos of the beautiful water views it offers.
photo of the outside of tidal
This week is San Diego Restaurant Week and we decided to dine here along with Jinxi Eats and her date.

It was a little too cold to sit outside, so we asked for a table next to the windows.

For Restaurant Week, they only offer the restaurant week menu. While the restaurant week menu had some appealing items, I wished they offered more items that are on their regular menu. I did recognize many Filipino ingredients and Filipino inspired dishes on this menu though, which was interesting since I don’t see that often in restaurants in San Diego.

Foie Gras Ganache
toasted peanuts + jackfruit + fried plantain
Foie Gras Ganache
This was beautifully plated. I enjoyed the intense dollops of foie gras ganache, balanced with sweet jackfruit puree. The toasted peanuts added a good crunch. I found the fried plaintain a little firm and not quite crisp enough.

marble potatoes + pickled mustard seeds + mustard frills + fish roe + creamy cheese
This was Jinxi’s date’s choice. It looked quite elaborate but both he and Jinxi felt like the dish was a little bland and they couldn’t really taste anything.

artichokes + cannellini beans + fine herbs + natural clam white wine jus
Seabass is one of my favorite fishes, so I often get it when it’s offered. There were strong notes of vinegar which is not something I personally prefer.

Braised Short Ribs Alla Kare-Kare
poached hearts of palm + long beans + bokchoy + spiced peanut sauce
Braised Short Ribs Alla Kare-Kare
Kare-kare is a Philippine stew. The thick sauce is usually made with stewed oxtails and contains peanut butter. The braised short ribs were quite tender and it went well with the peanut sauce. I enjoyed this cheffy version of kare kare but I did wish for something a little more to make the dish stand out.

Ravioli “Sarciado”
tomato compote + fermented garlic aioli + green onion and anchovy pistou + herbed bread crumbs
Ravioli "Sarciado"
Here is a quick photo of Jinxi’s main entree.

Coffee Cake
medjool dates + dulce de leche
Coffee Cake
I’m not sure why, but when I read the description, I thought it was going to be a coffee flavored dessert. But it was actually a slice of coffee cake, drizzled with dulce de leche.

I found the coffee cake a little bit dry and too sweet. I think it would have gone better if they paired it with espresso or coffee.

Chocolate Mousse
banana, variations of pate de fruit
Chocolate Mousse
I was a little disappointed with the presentation of the chocolate mousse, but it tasted pretty good.

Lemon Meringue
whipped orange cream + caramelized grapefruit + cashews + tangerine lace
Lemon Meringue
Of the three desserts offered, I think this was the prettiest.

Overall, while the service was good and the dishes quite beauitful, we left a little underwhelmed. I’d read a lot of good things about the restaurant before deciding to dine here and I wonder if we would have felt differently had we dined with the regular menu rather than the restaurant week menu. I’ll probably give this restaurant another try some other time.

1404 Vacation Rd, San Diego, CA 92109
Restaurant Week Menu

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2 comments on “Tidal”

  1. I was curious about this place since the Executive Chef, Danilo “DJ” Tangalin is Filipino (formerly of JRDN at Tower 23, which explains the Filipino inspired dishes.  I liked the look of the Kare Kare (looks similar to the version I had at the now defunct Ocean Pacific Grille which also had a Filipino chef). Just curious, was there a bagoong component?  The version I had at OPG had freeze dried bagoong flakes on top. Your was decorated with flowers.  

    I agree that it probably is a better idea to dine here another time other than Restaurant Week.  Bert and I will have to try this place in the near future. Our wedding reception was held at Paradise Point (back then it was called Princess Resort). 

    • I don’t recall if there was bagoong. It wasn’t my entree so I only had a few bites. I hope you get to try out this place at some point!