Grater Grilled Cheese

This past weekend, I had an amazing lobster grilled cheese sandwich from Grater Grilled Cheese. Grater Grilled Cheese started as a food truck (which is still around) and now also has two physical store locations in Pacific Beach and La Jolla.

I previously had their basic grilled cheese, which was good, but not the most memorable. I recommend that if you come here, go for their fancier grilled cheese sandwiches.



This was my choice and it was the best grilled cheese sandwich I’ve eaten this year. I was so excited when we unwrapped it and saw all that melted cheese running through the middle of each sandwich half.

This sandwich consists of a five cheese blend, with chunks of butter fried lobster, snow crab and their signature Sierra Nevada pale ale chipotle aioli. It’s packed with umami flavor. I’ve had lobster grilled cheese before when the lobster just seems like an afterthought, but here the sweet chunks of seafood paired well with the savory cheeses and the creamy spicy chipotle aioli brought it altogether.


This was Mr. K’s choice, of course. It starts with the five cheese blend and adds a hamburger patty to the sandwich. This tasted very much like a burger served on sour dough. I loved the melted cheese and the crunchy bread, but the hamburger patty wasn’t really doing it for me. It was Mr. K’s favorite though.


I also couldn’t resist ordering one of their specials, The Frenchie. This sandwich is made with brie, apples, bacon and honey. If you love brie cheese (which I do), I think you’ll really enjoy this sandwich. If you’re not a fan of brie (like Mr. K), then this one might not be for you.

Overall, we had a fantastic time here. Every grilled cheese we ordered was perfectly executed and the lobster grilled cheese was one of the best sandwiches I’ve eaten this year. We’ll definitely be back for more.

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Grater Grilled Cheese
(two locations plus food truck)
909 Grand Ave, San Diego, CA
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