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Bahn Thai

I had a meeting last week and not surprisingly, the discussion turned to food at some point. The person I was meeting with asked if I had ever been to Bahn Thai for their pad thai and I had not. She then excitedly described the pad thai she had there, and she was so convincing that I wanted to hop in my car immediately to go try it.

A few days later, Mr. K and I went to go check it out. There was quite a long line of people waiting for their food, even though it was a Monday evening. This is obviously a popular spot. You order at the front and you can either dine at one of the handful of tables or take your food to-go. Even if you are eating there, food is served on paper plates. We chose to get our food to-go, and I later dished them out to take a few quick photos.

Pad Thai (with half shrimp, half chicken)

This was the dish that was recommended to me and I ordered it exactly as instructed.

I was pretty pleased with the portion size–this was enough to feed two. A lot of the pad thai I’ve had in San Diego suffers from overcooked mushy noodles. Here, the noodles were cooked just right, maintaining their chew and bounce. The sauce, I felt, was a little too sweet, but overall, this was a pretty good.

Drunken Noodles

We also got an order of the drunken noodles. Again, the portion size was quite generous. I found the noodles a tad too oily, but otherwise enjoyed the dish.

Mango Sweet Sticky Rice

I love mango sticky rice so I couldn’t resist ordering this for dessert. There were plenty mango slices on the plate and they were surprisingly very sweet. I found the coconut milk soaked rice a tad too salty. I prefer mine to be sweeter.

Overall though, I enjoyed my food. While this may not be my favorite Thai spot in San Diego, but it is somewhere I’d come back to if I was in the mood for just pad thai or some of the other popularized Thai dishes.


Bahn Thai
4646 Park Blvd San Diego, CA 92116
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4 comments on “Bahn Thai”

  1. Hi! What is your favorite Thai spot in SD? We live close-ish to Banh Thai so we go there mostly and occasionally to Sab-E-Lee.

  2. TC and I went here a few years ago when it was new. I remember liking the sauce on their pad Thai and their takeout boxes which were pretty sturdy and reusable.

    • I liked the take out boxes more than the paper plates. Funny, we passed by Soltan Banoo and I was pointing it out to Mr. K and how I had dessert there with you

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