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Bento box

I’ve been inspired to make bento boxes after viewing the Adventures in Bentomaking by Pikko. I even went out and bought a bento box, with a cute little bear on top, an opening to allow steam to come through, and little compartments.  I’ve been using the bento box to make my lunches.

The Serious Eats weekend challenge was lunch boxes. I haven’t really been documenting my bento making because it’s usually at night.  But I wanted to document my bento box for the Serious Eats challenge.  Unfortunately, the bento I originally had planned didn’t pan out. I had bought these egg shapers, that were supposed to turn my hard boiled eggs into heart and star shapes.  But it didn’t work at all.  The eggs just came out deformed.  So instead, I made a lunch of my mom’s cooked food.

Baby brother came back to San Diego today to gear up for a new school year.  My mom gave him a bunch of food she cooked for me, little sister and little brother.  So for my bento lunch, I had stir fried shrimp with edamame beans, rice, and a soy sauce egg. Thanks mom!

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