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Biscuit Love

Biscuit Love is a popular breakfast spot in Nashville that originated from a food truck.
overhead photo of different dishes served at Biscuit Love

When I first visited Nashville five years ago, I wasn’t able to visit the food truck. So of course during my recent trip, I made sure to make it a priority on my itinerary. The food truck no longer exists, but Biscuit Love currently has three restaurant locations. And as fate would have it, the original location was just steps away from my hotel.

photo of the logo painted on a brick wall
After doing some research, I discovered that their second location was only a short drive from the original and had shorter wait times. On the day of our visit, we stepped out of our hotel to get a peek at the restaurant, saw that it was nearly 100 people deep, and made a quick decision to visit their Hillsboro Village location instead.

While there was still a line, it was much more manageable and we waited only about 20 minutes. While you wait, they do have a dedicated employee at the line passing out menus, answering your questions and telling the guests about their not-so-secret “secret menu” item.

photo of a plate of Bonuts
Donut Holes made out of fried biscuit dough, topped with lemon mascarpone, and served with blueberry compote. This is one of their signature items. The bonuts were crispy on the outside and soft inside. They taste similar to the shortcut Pillsbury dough donuts I ate as a child, but a more cheffy version.

East Nasty
photo of the East Nasty
Buttermilk biscuit, fried boneless chicken thigh, aged cheddar, sausage gravy. This is one of their most popular items. We also opted to add an egg to ours.

The biscuits was tender and flaky. The fried boneless chicken thigh was quite flavorful as a result of the spices and herbs added to the batter. The savory sausage gravy kept the sandwich moist throughout.

We thoroughly enjoyed this sandwich. I’ve been disappointed by so many biscuit fried chicken sandwiches, but I had no complaints here.

Nasty Princess
photo of the Nasty Princess
This is their secret menu item. It’s their East Nasty with hot chicken. We also added an egg to it.

We enjoyed this sandwich as well. The chicken had a good amount of heat and wasn’t too oily.

Overall, we enjoyed out visit to Biscuit Love. Their biscuit sandwiches were as good as the hype and the bonuts were a lot of fun. We’d definitely go back.

Biscuit Love
3 locations

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