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Blaze Pizza

If you’re a fan of the custom fast casual pizza trend or looking for a good one to be your first, I highly recommend Blaze Pizza.

One bite in and Mr. K and I both agreed this was by far our favorite of all the ones that have opened in San Diego. Blaze Pizza is actually a national chain, with several locations in California and in various parts of the East Coast.

You can choose from one of their signature pies or build-your-own with unlimited toppings for $7.45 (five cents cheaper than most of the competition). If you don’t like a lot of toppings on your pie, they also offer a cheaper alternatives for one topping or cheese only pies.

There are quite a few sauces to choose from including spicy red, classic red, and creamy white. Most places I’ve been to only offer red sauce or no sauce. You can also add a pesto, bbq, or olive oil drizzle.

If you love cheese, they offer six! Goat, gorgonzola, shredded mozzarella, ovalini mozzarella, parmesan, and ricotta. It had a hard time restraining myself as I wanted them all.

There’s a good selection of meat and vegetable toppings as well. You can view the full menu here.

The whole assembly line process was quick and smooth. The last few places I’ve been to, there has been a hold-up at some point, but not here.

The pizza crust here is also super thin. It only needs 3 minutes to cook, so my pie was ready very soon after I grabbed a seat.

Spicy red sauce, shredded mozzarella, ovalini mozzarella, crumbled meatballs, grilled chicken, mushrooms, baby spinach, drizzle of pesto, dried oregano

This was my pie. I really enjoyed the flavor of the spicy red and the thin crust, which still maintained some chew. My one issue was that the pesto was a tad too oily.

Spicy red sauce, shredded mozzarella, parmesan, mushroom, Italian sausage, bacon, red peppers, green peppers

Mr. K and I had a little miscommunication and we both ended up ordering the same sauce. Oops. His pizza was equally appetizing.

We really enjoyed our pizzas here. The process was smooth, the service friendly, and the pies were tasty. The only downside is that there is only one location in San Diego (so far) and it’s in Carlsbad, which is a little far for me. Hopefully they’ll open a few more closer to the central area of San Diego.

Blaze Pizza
5620 Paseo Del Norte
Carlsbad, CA 92008

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6 comments on “Blaze Pizza”

  1. I have only been to a few but my favorite so far is Project Pie, in Hillcrest. I loved the BBQ chicken and the dessert pies they have! I went to CYO (Craft Your Own) in Carlsbad last week on my lunchbreak, not too impressed.
    Might have to give Blaze a try since it is also down the street from my work!

  2. Oooh I must check this one out. Have you tried Urban Pi in Del Mar? It’s a bit more expensive but I like it better than Pieology. Get an egg on your pizza and your life will be changed forever LOL

    • I love getting an egg on my pizza. They should have that option at all the places! I haven’t tried Urban Pi yet. I’m going to add it to my list. thanks!

  3. No kidding about these custom pizza places popping up like crazy. This one looks like it’s near the outlets so that will give me an excuse to go here. Incidentally, I went to Pieology the other day. It was late afternoon so there was no line. The crust was too crispy for my liking, and I went overboard on the toppings.

    • It’s actually located at the outlets! So you can shop and eat. I liked the crust better at Blaze. It’s very thin, but not just crispy. The Pieology crust actually reminded me of Jeno’s frozen pizzas.