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Recently I had a chance to sample blink Energy Water, a caffeinated flavored water beverage.

The company is based in La Jolla and the drink currently comes in two flavors: Zesty Lemon Lime and Brisk Blueberry Pomegranate. Each bottle contains two servings of water, 150 mg of caffeine and only 10 calories.

I’m not nutrition expert, but the energy water seems like a healthier alternative to other energy drinks out there, especially since there are so few calories and two servings of water.

I sampled both flavors. Each one had a pleasant taste with no carbonation. The waters are slightly sweetened with sucralose, so if you’re not a fan of artificial sweeteners, you may not enjoy the taste as much.

I tried drinking half of a bottle before going to work out. I have to confess, testing the energy portion of the drink on me is kind of a waste because caffeine doesn’t really affect me. I feel pretty much the same before and after drinking a few cups of coffee, so I also didn’t really notice extra energy from the water.  I can only tell you that I liked the clean, no carbonation feeling, the flavors, and the fact that each bottle is only 10 calories.

blink is currently being sold at many fitness centers and markets in San Diego and other parts of Southern California. (There’s also a few places in Las Vegas and Texas that carry it also!) You can view the whole list of locations here. You can also follow them on Facebook to find out about giveaways, promotions, events they are attending.

Please note, I was provided two complimentary bottles to sample. I was not compensated for the review and my opinions are my own.

3 comments on “blink Energy Water”

  1. For regular hydration and short workouts I suppose blink would be fine. I’d probably drink it more because it’s flavored than for the caffeine. But plain water is just as good and potentially free.

    If I’m working out or running longer than an hour (I run half marathons) I would want something with electrolytes and carbohydrates. I’m not a nutrition expert, but my running program stresses those two things as important to help you get through longer runs.

    • I agree this is probably meant more for short workouts. I think the idea is that a lot of people down coffee throughout the day and don’t hydrate enough. This gets people caffeine and water. And people drink 5 hour energy before working out and this seems like a healthier solution to get some energy, and be hydrated. It also has vitamin B. But definitely for longer marathon running you would probably need something else.

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