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January is National Soup Month. This explains why I have been craving warm soup nearly every single day. I’ve partnered with Boulder Organic Foods to share some of my favorite soups from their collection.

It’s been raining a lot these last few weeks. I know I’m fortunate because it’s snowing in other parts of the country and I just have to deal with a little rain.
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But the cloudy, chilly weather has me in the mood for curling up on the couch with a blanket, eating soup and watching TV.
photo of a pillow and blanket on a couch
My favorite kinds of soups are the ones with a lot of ingredients. We read Stone Soup in one of my classes when I was a kid. It’s the tale of of a few travelers who are able to get all the villagers to contribute a few ingredients into their stone soup, creating the most wonderful tasting soup. That story has always stuck with me and whenever I make soup, I love adding vegetables, meat, herbs to my soups.

Unfortunately, gathering so many ingredients to make my ultimate soup can be time consuming and sometimes pricey because I end up having to buy so many items. That’s when already-made soups come in handy.

Boulder Organic Foods offers more than a dozen soups to choose from, including several vegan, vegetarian and dairy-free options. Their soups are made in small batches and are all certified organic, certified gluten-free and non-GMO. The soups are fresh and never frozen. You can find the soups in the refrigerated section of many grocers. I get mine at Target and Jimbo’s.

My husband and I have been drinking these soups as part of of our lunches. I usually pair mine with a salad. He pairs his with a grilled cheese sandwich.

My current favorite is Chicken Quinoa & Kale Soup.
close-up photo of a bowl of soup
I adore kale and recently became a big fan of quinoa. This soup is packed with chicken, kale, carrots, golden quinoa and navy beans. The vegetable broth is very flavorful and I love all the ingredients inside the soup. It goes great with a kale salad, like my kale quinoa salad.
photo of kale quinoa salad

Mr. K’s favorite is Chicken Vegetable Chili.
photo of Chicken Vegetable Chili
He loves chili in any form. Every spoonful is loaded with ingredients. This soup has three kinds of beans, chicken, tomatoes, corn, carrots and zucchini! I think the soup is filling on its own but he loves eating it with a melty grilled cheese sandwich.

You can learn more about Boulder Organic Foods and all the soups they offer on their website. They also have a store locater to help you locate stores near you that carry their soups.

This post is sponsored by Boulder Organic Foods. All opinions expressed remain my own.

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