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Carl’s Jr. Super Bacon Cheeseburger

Carl’s Jr. recently released a Super Bacon Cheeseburger. It’s their standard cheeseburger, but with one big difference: a bacon nest. The bacon nest consists of six strips of bacon woven together. You can actually add an additional nest, which costs extra, for up to 12 strips of bacon (We did not get this option).

Of course, Mr. K immediately wanted to try it. So I asked him to bring one home so I could snap a few photos. The super bacon cheeseburger is available in a single, double, and the six dollar burger. Guess which one Mr. K got? I guess I should be grateful he didn’t get the extra bacon nest. And the six dollar burger does photo better than a single cheeseburger.

Taste wise, this was pretty much the Carl’s Jr. six dollar cheeseburger I remember, except with a lot more bacon flavor. The bacon nest did look pretty cool as one of the burger layers. If you really love bacon, it’s worth a try.


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4 comments on “Carl’s Jr. Super Bacon Cheeseburger”

  1. omg. that looks delicious

  2. Hi Kirbie! I actually am surprised how nice the burger looks! (Maybe it’s your awesome photography skills 😀 ) Usually fast-food items in real life look nothing like their advertisement photos, but this actually looks decent. I haven’t been to a Carl’s Jr in forever but lately I’ve been wanting fast food a lot so I’m sure I’ll visit soon haha.

    • I think it’s because it’s the six dollar burger. I’ve had the regular burgers at Carl’s Jr the last few promotions and I kept thinking that what I got looked nothing like the commercial. But this one looks like the commercial! haha.

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