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China Max Late Night

I’m not sure how this happened, but it appears I’ve never blogged about China Max despite several visits over the last few years.

China Max Seafood Restaurant is one of the fancier Chinese restaurants in San Diego. I don’t particularly like visiting often mainly because the prices are very high for a chinese restaurant. While the service here tends to be better than the typical chinese restaurant, the food isn’t anything special and not worth the inflated prices.

The only two meals I don’t mind coming for is dim sum (which is placed through orders rather than the old school carts being pushed around) and their late night specials where they offer a discounted menu (it’s offered from 9-11pm. It’s also available for lunch). At first glance, the discounted menu look almost like normal prices, with dishes priced around $10. But it is a significant discount compared to the $20+ prices for their regular menu.

We try not to eat dinner too late anymore. But somehow, one evening, we found ourselves having not eaten and it was almost 9. So I headed over to China Max with my siblings and FH.

Since it was after 9, the place was quite empty. We grabbed the late night menu and each chose a dish. Since the prices are discounted, the quantities are much smaller too.

Sauteed Prawn with Season Vegetables

Sauteed Rock Cod Fillet

Sauteed String Bean and Meat

Braised Bean Curd with Mushroom and Vegetable

Chicken Porridge

Overall the food was okay. A lot of items were on the salty side and I thought the portion sizes were too small. I prefer other spots for late night discounted chinese like Golden City which has cheaper prices.

China Max
4698 Convoy St
San Diego CA

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7 comments on “China Max Late Night”

  1. That’s sort of annoying that discounted prices = discounted portions!

    • Yeah, I see a lot of chinese restaurants do that. It’s too bad. I prefer something like happy hour where it’s reduced prices but still same quantity of food.

  2. Have you tried Golden State in Mira Mesa? They have a really nice $5.50 after 9p menu (just went there the other night and enjoyed it).

  3. Golden City! Thanks for the cheaper rec! God knows I could save a buck. 🙂

  4. My mouth is watering. I haven’t had a decently greasy and umami filled chinese meal in a while 🙁 time to make a china max stop, I suppose!

    • Haha, it’s probably healthier not to do this. You may also want to try Golden City. They have a pretty big late night menu for around $7 a dish.

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