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Churro Borough

photo of the inside of Churro Borough

Churro Borough is the creator of the churro ice cream sandwich, which has been a very popular dessert in Los Angeles.

While I’ve successfully made my own churro ice cream sandwiches, I wanted to try out the original. I’m told there is usually quite a long line at the small shop, but we got lucky on our visit and only had a few people ahead of us.
photo of the menu
There’s a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from and we were able to sample a few before deciding. The ice creams are handmade in small batches.

To make these fun sandwiches, churro dough is piped into a disc shape and then deep fried. If you’ve tried my recipe, I actually baked mine which I think tastes just as good and not quite as oily. It also holds its shape better because when you fry it, sometimes they puff up unevenly, which happened with my friend’s churro sandwich.

Spanish Latte 
photo of the Spanish Latte ice cream sandwich
Isn’t this the cutest? Mr. K and I shared this one because this was one of four dessert stops in one afternoon of our LA food crawl. We chose the Spanish latte ice cream. We really liked our ice cream.

close-up phot of a Spanish Latte ice cream sandwich

I was a little disappointed to find that my churro discs completely crispy, without any of the doughy softness that is characteristic of churros. I suspect they may have fried this batch a little too long because my friend said that when he had it before, the churro did have some chewy softness.

Nevertheless, it was still really tasty and I’m grateful they came up with such a fun concept.

Matcha Green Tea
photo of a Matcha Green Tea ice cream sandwich
My friend chose one with matcha green tea ice cream. As you can see, his churro is oddly shaped as a result of it puffing up unevenly during frying.
close-up photo of Matcha Green Tea ice cream sandwich
Poor sad cookie. I’ll still eat you!

Overall, we enjoyed these churro ice cream sandwiches and if you’re in the area, definitely give it a try. If you live too far away, try out my recipe (which you can prepare baked or fried).

Churro Borough
1726 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027

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