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Class 302

Class 302
1015 S. Nogales St., #125
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
(626) 965-5809

I love Taiwanese snow shaved ice. I wish a place in San Diego would start serving it. I would be there every week. Until then, I have to go to Rowland Heights for my fix. Usually, I have no patience for long waits at restaurants. But with no other alternatives, I've put up with waiting at Class 302 for a spot inside there tiny restaurant, set up to look like a Taiwanese classroom.

You can see my previous post on this place here, which shows more of the decor.

Class 302 serves various Taiwanese dishes, as well as the very popular and hard to find snow shaved ice. I'm always amazed at how efficient the staff is.  I always see the same three guys running the place. And they are constantly moving nonstop, refilling waters, bringing out food, clearing tables, taking orders, etc.  They have seating both inside and outside and the door is constantly banging closed because there is so much movement.

Class 302 is most famous for their snow shaved ice. Taiwanese snow shaved ice uses a special machine that shreds the ice into thin, fine sheets of ice. The ice is so finely shaved that it is almost like ice cream rather than ice. The ice is also made with condensed milk, creating a creamy sweet taste that melts much slower than regular shaved ice. I've tried snow shaved ice at Pa Pa Walk and The Balcony, but Class 302 is definitely my favorite.

On this occasion we got the snow shaved ice with mangoes and strawberries.

I love how sweet the mangoes are and how well they go with the condensed milk and ice.

We also ordered a mango shaved ice, where the ice is already mango flavored.

The ice was a little too tart for me, but I like how this one comes with glutinous rice balls. Here's a close up of the ice sheets.

I've tried to find recommendations for other dishes at Class 302, but everyone is always just raving about the ice. BF and I arrived hungry though, so we decided to try some dishes out.

He ordered the crispy chicken, which he always orders at Taiwanese cafes. Ironically, I've never had crispy chicken in Taiwan.

I chose a 2 item combination. Basically you get smaller plates of two of their dishes. I chose a pork chop dish and chinese sausage.

To my surprise, my food was served in chinese lunchbox set. It is a metal set and there are two layers.

I really liked the side of vegetables the meal came with. The top layer was some homestyle vegetable dish and some scrambled eggs. I'm not sure why I liked this so much, but I did. It was simple and reminded me of home.

The sausage was alright. I wasn't really a fan of the pork chops. I didn't like the sauce the used.

The menu is pretty extensive so I might try some more dishes next time. But it really is the snow shaved ice that shines.

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7 comments on “Class 302”

  1. This weekend is the great “Papa Walk Vs. Class 302” match for me. Just reading this is making me crave the shaved ice already!

  2. Sounds like a fun trip! I liked PaPa Walk. I think my biggest problem with it is that I thought it was overpriced. I recall it was almost $10 for a small, which is about $6.50 at Class 302 for the same size. And I think PaPa walk had less variety.

  3. That shaved ice looked AWESOME!! OMG. I went to Tea Garden the other day and their shaved ice was terrible. Fake fruit, terrible ice, etc.
    How much was the ice? I wonder what the trick is. Did they use fresh fruit?
    Wish they had something like that here in SD 🙁

  4. HEY HEY! Welcome to my neighborhood!!
    Lemme know the next time you wanna get shaved ice. I was haunting that place all summer and still can’t get enough. Reminds me of home in Taiwan *sniffle.

  5. HEY HEY! Welcome to my neighborhood!!
    Lemme know the next time you wanna get shaved ice. I was haunting that place all summer and still can’t get enough. Reminds me of home in Taiwan *sniffle.

  6. I didn’t know this was your area! You’re so lucky to be so close by. A lot of RH reminds me of Taiwan. Esp the strip that has Tofu King.

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