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photo of the outside of CottonHi

CottonHi is a shop in Los Angeles known for their soft serve ice cream and organic cotton candy. After seeing their adorable fluffy cotton candy creations, I had to check it out on recent LA road trip.
photo of the ordering counter
CottonHi offers a variety of soft serve flavors, cotton candy flavors and drinks. Both ice cream and drinks can be topped with cotton candy!

photo of Tiramisu
This is one of their signature creations, with mascarpone cheese, coffee, chocolate powder and lady finger. I chose a coffee flavored cotton candy on top.

overhead photo of Tiramisu

I love the little chocolate syrup squeeze bottle. Once you squeeze it, it also helps to dissolve the cotton candy into the ice cream.

Green tea soft serve with Strawberry cotton candy
photo of Green tea soft serve with Strawberry cotton candy
We also ordered this basic one where you choose your ice cream flavor and your cotton candy flavor. The soft serve is quite creamy here and the green tea one was my favorite of the ones we tried. The cotton candy comes with a few marshmallows and you can add other toppings too.

One of my friends got a mojito topped with lemonade cotton candy. It was really fun to watch the cotton candy dissolve into the drink, though the cotton candy itself wasn’t fluffy like the ones that were on the soft serve. Our other friends got a milk flavored soft serve.

photo of four cotton candy desserts

Isn’t the mascot adorable?
photo of the mascot wall art

Overall, we had a fun time here. It’s a cute ice cream shop with very fluffy cotton candy. It’s not somewhere I’d frequent often but it was interesting to try once and worth it if you are nearby and enjoy these type of desserts.

3825 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

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  1. The Astronomer heard about this place on Good Food and has been DYING to go 😉 SOON, I hope.

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