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Creme & Sugar

Creme & Sugar, creators of the Unicorn hot chocolate, recently expanded into San Diego. The dessert shop offers an array of drinks, ice cream and cakes.
photo of drinks and desserts from Creme & Sugar

I visited the original location in Anaheim last year. So I was excited to learn that they had expanded to San Diego.
photo of the exterior of Creme & Sugar
The store is located in a plaza in Del Mar. While the original location is very dark inside, this new location is bright and well-lit.
photo of the inside of Creme & Sugar

The menu includes sundaes, floats, lattes and hot chocolate.
photo of the menu at Creme & Sugar
another photo of the menu at Creme & Sugar

Unicorn Hot Chocolate and Mermaid Hot Chocolate
photo of Unicorn Hot Chocolate and Mermaid Hot Chocolate
It was still pretty chilly on the day we visited, so even though I’ve been wanting to try their milkshakes, I’ll wait until the weather gets warmer.

Instead we got their signature unicorn hot chocolate and their mermaid hot chocolate. The unicorn hot chocolate is a white hot chocolate topped with whipped cream, mini marshmallows and sprinkles. It was definitely on the sweet side for me, but the colorful presentation just made me feel happy and giddy.

The mermaid hot chocolate starts with a white hot chocolate, topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream, whipped cream, cotton candy, gold sprinkles and a gold mermaid tail. Mr. K preferred this hot chocolate because of the coconut ice cream.

Unicorn cake
photo of unicorn cake
A tri-colored layered vanilla cake. I found the frosting slightly too sweet, but really enjoyed the fluffy cake. It’s definitely something I’d get again. I also want to try the lavender & honey cake next time.

Tuxedo cake
photo of tuxedo cakeThe chocolate cake was slightly on the dry side.

Overall, we enjoyed our visit here. We loved the presentation of the drinks and I can see this being a very popular spot, especially for kids. The staff was very friendly and helpful and took such care with their creations. I’m looking forward to trying more of the menu as the weather warms up.

Creme & Sugar
2646 Del Mar Heights Rd
Del Mar, CA 92014

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2 comments on “Creme & Sugar”

  1. Wow, that rainbow cake looks so cute, but sugary! The drinks are so colorful. My daughter would love it here!

    • Yes it is a lot of sugar! But I think ordering one of the coffee drinks does help balance it out a little. I think your daughter would love it here too