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About a week ago, I was contacted by CSN Stores, offering to let me try a product and review it. I hadn’t heard of CSN stores before, but after being contacted by them, I decided to check out their site. CSN Stores has over 200 online stores offering various products from furniture, to housewares, to shoes.

I was surprised that the items had pretty reasonable prices. I spent some time looking at sectional sofas, since I’ll soon be moving and am hoping to getting a new sofa. I found one I like, the Simmon Brookefield Sofa, and it even includes free shipping.

Anyway, after browsing the furniture section, I went back to concentrating on the kitchenware. There were so many different items.  I saw a lot of my NordicWare bake pans at a discount. I haven’t decided for sure which product I will be reviewing, but most likely I will be choosing a mortar and pestile set. I don’t own one and have been thinking about getting one so I can attempt to pound and make my own mochi and mochi flour.

You can view all of CSN Stores offerings here.

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