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Current Cravings- Healthy Bites

Spring is in the air! I love how the sun is setting later, giving us more daytime hours. It’s given me more energy and a renewed effort to start working out and eat healthier. Here’s my latest edition of healthy snacks and food items I’ve tried and love.

Chobani Bite

Chobani recently came out with a line of mini dessert yogurts. They are smaller than the average yogurt cup (each one is 3.5 oz), but it’s just enough to be filling. Each cup has about 1g of fat and 12g of carbohydrates. I saw three flavors at my local grocery store: coffee and chocolate, raspberry and chocolate, and caramel and pineapple.

I got the first two. I love that the yogurt contains bits of shaved chocolate. I liked both the coffee one and the raspberry one. They are just enough to satisfy my sweet cravings and keep me away from scarfing down chocolate bars and bags of candy. I’ve found them at my local Vons grocery store and they have been on sale: $2.50 for a pack of four the last few times I checked.

Fiber One Chocolate

I like eating Fiber One cereal to help ensure I get my daily dose of fiber. I’ve tried most of their line of cereals. I initially really enjoyed the clusters one until I read the nutrition facts and saw how much sugar was in them. Then I switched to the plain old basic ones that look like rabbit food. Recently, they came out with a chocolate flavored one. Not only does the chocolate taste good, but it’s only 80 calories per serving and it doesn’t have much sugar (5g per serving and 25g of carbohydrates overall) even though it still tastes sweet. This is now my go-to Fiber One Cereal.

Sunsweet Purple Country Bread

Sunsweet recently came out with a whole line of dried plum infused bakery products including this purple bread. Full disclosure: I was given a loaf to sample. But I was so excited, mainly because the bread is purple, which is my favorite color. The bread contains purple corn and purple wheat, dried plums and oats on top. I love the color and the bread tastes good too.
It’s only a tiny bit sweet so you can use it for sandwich bread. I enjoyed toasting it and slathering it with Nutella. I also spread some avocado on some slices because I like eating avocado toast and it was so pretty seeing the green and purple together. The Sunsweet line is currently available at Costco.

Laughing Cow Cheese Spreads

I’ve always been a fan of the creamy Laughing Cow cheese wedges to spread on crackers. Each wedge is just 35 calories. Recently, they came out with new flavors: French Onion, Mozzarella Sun Dried Tomato, and Garlic & Herb. I tried them all and enjoyed all three. I bought mine at Ralph’s.

So these are my recent healthy finds. There’s a few snack items I’ve seen online, but haven’t yet found them in store. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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