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Current Cravings- Trader Joe’s January

There was no Fearless Flyer in my mail this month. I know they don’t come every month, but after getting so many consecutive ones in a row, it felt like such a let down.

Also, how was I supposed to know what to buy??

Anyway, I made up some excuse for making a trip. Something about needing more gruyere cheese. So DH and I stopped by after a night dining out and while we were there I had to do some exploring of course.

Dried Green mangoes

I’m obsessed with dried fruit and I’m always checking to see if TJ has new offerings. I hadn’t yet seen these before and neither had my cashier. I was afraid they would be too tart for me, but they are sweetened, so it was a really good balance of tart and sweet. I really enjoyed them.


Chocolate Covered Potato Chips

Finally! Everytime I go, these seem to be out. But they were there on my latest trip. While I’ve learned to make my own, it was still great to eat TJ’s version. Love the thick crunchy chips they use.


Pineapple Chips

Like dried banana chips but with pineapple! I loved these as well. They are crispy and basically taste like banana chips except for that tart pineapple finish.

Dried Sweetened Korean Pear

Usually when it’s packaged this way it’s the freeze-dried fruit, so I was surprised to see that these were actually hydrated dry fruit. They weren’t as dried out as some dried fruit, with each chunk still possessing quite a bit of meat. They were sweet and enjoyable but not really memorable.

Uncrystallized Ginger

This is actually something I always get when I’m here. I’ve eaten the hard pieces of crystallized ginger, but I love this non-crystallized one even better. The texture is almost like a soft gummy candy which was really surprising at first as none of the sweetened ginger I’ve eaten ever tastes like that.


Shelf Stable Whipping Cream

So I haven’t yet opened this, but I thought I’d share that TJ offers it. If it tastes good, then I’ll definitely be buying more. I hate how regular heavy cream has an expiration date, so this shelf stable one sounds like a dream come true.

Well that’s it for now. Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!


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15 comments on “Current Cravings- Trader Joe’s January”

  1. Oh oops, your blog can’t show Chinese characters… XD What I meant to say in the three ?s is to ask if the green mangoes taste like the pickled green mangoes that many restaurants serve as dessert in Taiwan? (

    • Hm, I don’t know why the comments won’t show chinese characters. The blog itself does. Anyway, no it doesn’t really taste like that. I thought it might, but it’s not really a pickled flavor. More of just a sweet sour dried fruit flavor. Still good though. And I liked it better than the dried green mangoes I got in Taiwan which were too sour for me.

  2. OMG do the dried green mangoes taste like ????

  3. Ooohhh, you make me crave TJ’s.

    I’ve been wanting chocolate covered potato chips ever since having the Late Night Snack ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. You ever try that? Surprisingly really good. I just really enjoy sweet and salty.

  4. Omg I didn’t know shelf stable whipping cream even existed! I will definitely pick some up on my next trip. Also, I was wondering if you check out “What’s Good at Trader Joe’s” before going shopping/trying something new at TJ?

    • No I haven’t checked that out. I usually only wait for the fearless flyer or just sort of browse. I should look at that next time

  5. The shelf-stable whipping cream is great! I bought it & used it in a batch of homemade nutella – worked great!

  6. I love the uncrystallized candied ginger, too! I bought the TJ crystallized one once, but it was way too sweet. I ended up using it in ginger cookies. I’m curious about the shelf-stable heavy cream; I will have to look for it next time.

    • Yeah the crystallized one is super sweet. I haven’t seen the uncrystallized ones anywhere other than TJ, or maybe I didn’t look hard enough. The shelf stable whipping cream was in the baking aisle if I remember correctly.

  7. I haven’t seen the Shingo dried pears before or the green mango. That sounds pretty good actually. They have so many interesting choices there. Have you ever thought of getting those food dehydrators? You could make your own dried fruit. 🙂

  8. How I wish we had Trader Joes in the UK. On my visit to America last year I spent ages wandering around looking at everything. Those mango strips and pineapple chips sound amazing. I’m so jeleaous!