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D&C Tofu House

D&C Tofu House has become our go-to for Korean food. We love the friendly service, good portion sizes and menu variety.

A few weeks back, we were feeling particularly ravenous when we came in for dinner.

Pepper Wings

This was a new menu item and I couldn’t resist ordering them. Unfortunately, we found these to be an overload of white pepper. It’s all you could taste and smell. The wings also were a little overdone and a bit dry.

Our favorite salt and pepper wings still remains the ones served at QT Pot.

Complimentary Banchan dishes

Here were the offerings of that night. Mostly vegetarian, but I like how they always ask if we want refills.

Tofu Jabchae Combo

I decided to try out this combination which includes a plate of jabchae (stir fried sweet potato noodles) and tofu stew. I enjoyed the tofu stew, which comes with a side of purple or white rice.

I found the jabchae a tad on the bland side.

Galbi Hot Stone Plate

Mr. K really loves ordering their version of bibimbap, a mixed rice dish served in a stone plate or bowl. The ingredients come out sizzling and the bottom of the plate is coated with oil before rice is added in. If you let the rice sizzle for a little bit, the pieces that touch the edge of the pot will crisp up forming a crispy rice crust, which is my favorite part. It’s a hearty meal and the portion here is particularly big. We never do finish it in one sitting.

Overall, while we weren’t very fond of the wings or the jabchae, we still enjoy their tofu and bibimbap. We like the service here and the relaxing atmosphere and will continue to come back whenever we’re craving Korean food.

I’m sorry I don’t have the updated menu photos. We appear to have misplaced several menu photos since our vacation. We’ll try to find them soon. You can read my original post here.

D & C Tofu House
8995 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126
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