D&C Tofu House

I had a craving for tofu stew recently, so we went to check out D&C Tofu House.

The staff was very energetic and friendly in greeting us and soon we were seated with the paper menu.

After we ordered, we received our complimentary banchan. It was a good assortment though somewhat lackluster in taste. The only I really liked was the spicy squid.

Galbi Hot Stone Plate

This hot stone plate was massive–definitely the biggest stone plate I’ve seen used at a Korean restaurant. I should have put the tofu stew next to it for size comparison. The quantity of food inside was about the same as other places in San Diego, but I really loved the large plate, which left plenty of surface area for the rice touching the bottom and the sides to crisp up and develop a slight crust, which is what makes this dish so special. We both enjoyed the flavors mixed in and there was a good amount of galbi meat. This was definitely one of the most satisfying Korean hot stone rice dishes I’ve had in San Diego.

Seafood Tofu Stew

The tofu arrived, hot and bubbly, so I was able to fully cook the egg I cracked in. This was nothing special, but it hit the spot.

Overall, we had a pretty good time here. While the only standout was the hot stone plate, the food was solid and the service was quite friendly and attentive.

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D & C Tofu House
8995 Mira Mesa Blvd
San Diego, CA 92126



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  1. Hi there! I sent a message to you using a contact form, but not I’m sure if you got it. I just saw your July 9th post about bookplates if you’d pre-ordered a copy of your book. I’m sure I’m probably too late, but on the off-chance I’m not, I’d like to e-mail you my receipt, but I can’t find your e-mail address to do that. Could you let me know if there’s any left, and if so, how/where I should send you my receipt? Love your blog (though obviously am a bit behind in my blog reading – all caught up now!) and am really looking forward to the book!

    • sara- I just sent you an email. My contact form was screwy and did not send me notification of any contact form submissions. I don’t know how long this has been happening, but because of you, I realized it!

  2. They didn’t give you the fried fish with the banchan 🙁

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